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Apr 7, 2010 07:13 PM

West Scarborough brunch?

Any suggestions as to where to go in west Scarborough for weekend brunch? Needs to be kid-friendly (i.e. I won't get dirty looks when I bring my kid in), and one guest has a shellfish allergy so dim sum is out. Pubs are fine with me as long as they're alright with kids...


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  1. Do you mind a no-frills family diner type of place? If that's ok, then I would recommend Terry's, in the little plaza at the Northeast corner of McCowan and Ellesmere (same plaza as Federick's). There's nothing overtly special about the food, but they do a solid breakfast and are very kid friendly. My husband and I have been going there regularly for years and years, even though it's no longer close to where we live, simply because it's a great place to get a well prepared, inexpensive bacon and egg breakfast and read the Saturday paper leisurely. Nice owners and staff. It's the type of place where they greet the regulars by name, and there are a LOT of regulars.

    1. I've heard decent things about Vi Pei, at Kingston and Warden. Sister restaurant to Vi Vetha in the Beach.

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        Vi Pei is a great place for brunch, though it can get busy on weekends. The menu is very similar to Vivetha's. A note about parking: Vi Pei is in a strip mall next to a tropical fish store that is very territorial about its parking spaces. Better to park on the street than take one of these spots.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them. Terry's sounds more my speed, but we'll see what the others have to say.

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          I should point out that the parking lot in the Terry's plaza looks small and treacherous, but there is a laneway there that leads to a large parking lot behind the plaza.

        2. You could try the Wexford Restaurant (although there is a mix of reviews from great to ugh). I ate there about 3 years ago and it was fine. I enjoyed my meal. It's in the north east plaza at Warden and Lawrence Ave. E.

          2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA

          1. When we are looking for a no-frills type of breakfast we go to:

            Watt's -- Eglinton Square -- cheap and good blueberry pancakes
            The Crackin' Egg -- plaza at Danforth and Birchmount -- good but can be greasy at times

            We avoid The Wexford if we can -- If find it overpriced for what you get IMO

            2072 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Z5, CA