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Apr 7, 2010 07:08 PM

Penang - where to eat dinner near E & O and any other recommendations

Hi all,

Not arriving into the airport until 7, so would like somewhere to eat dinner near the E & O. I would like to be able to walk there - don't mind a 20 minute walk as long as it is relatively straightforward. I will have be tired and not up for negotiating with taxi drivers or getting lost in the city.

Any other recommendation appreciated, especially for nyonya food.

Can't stand the thought of missing a dinner there!



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  1. There are about 3 Nyonya restaurants (all located fairly close to each other) which are about 20 minutes' walk from E&O Hotel:

    1) NYONYA BABA on Nagore Road - it's my personal favourite. See

    2) HOT WOK on Burmah Road - this is one of the more popular Nyonya restaurants in Penang. See

    3) NYONYA CAFE at the New World Park (which also has a large food court which offers all types of Penang hawker food - including very good Penang fried koay teow, popiah, etc.). See

    If you use Google Map, you can see your walking route would be from Farquhar Street (E&O Hotel) bearing west along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, then turn into Larut Road towards Hotel Royal Penang (formerly Sheraton Hotel Penang). All 3 restaurants are within 5 minutes of the hotel, so you can ask the Hotel Royal concierge there (or anyone on the streets) if you get lost.

    Considering the hot-humid weather in Penang (and the likelihood of rains in the afternoons/evenings the past week or two), you may want to grab a taxi to the restaurants for RM10 (not more) - get the E&O concierge to negotiate for you, then take a leisurely walk back after dinner.