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Apr 7, 2010 06:00 PM

CSA's in the Portland Maine Area

Hey, is anyone out there involved in a really good CSA in the local area? We want to join one and have done a little research on the matter but was looking for some first hand knowledge on the subject. Prices, goods and any other details you have would be great. We live in SoPo and I know there are some great farms participating on the Cape so let me know what you think. THanks....King

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  1. There are quite a few around. If you'd like the option of "pay as you go" rather than the more traditional, "this week, it's turnips" approach, try Snell Family Farm. They "deliver" via the weekly Portland farmer's market May through October. I don't know the farms on the Cape as well.

    1. Muskie School of Public Service recently launched a web site to connect farmers/fishermen with consumers:

      I see a CSA from Freeport comes to Portland a couple times a week this summer

      1. Laughing Stock Farm in Freeport delivers to Portland. I've been a member of this CSA since its inception over 10 years ago, and it just keeps getting better. Organic vegetables, good variety, great people. Check the website

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          We hooked up with Fishbowl farm this year, very excited and they give you the option to pick what you actually want. its been great so far!