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Apr 7, 2010 05:21 PM

I Have Pork Butt, Prosciutto, Cannelini and Swiss Chard...What Shall I Make?

What shall I make? I was thinking a garlic, Italian seasoning rub and a slow roast of the pork...saute the prosciutto and then saute chard and braise w/ chicken broth...add the drained cannelini and pork? Any other thoughts or ways to improve this one? Many thanks.

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  1. Great ingredients but I'd save the prosciutto for when it can be the star rather than risk having it overwhelmed by the other things.

    1. Slow roast the pork and pull it. Chop the proscuitto and fry it, reserve. Fry the chard in the fat from the proscuitto, plus as much butter as it takes to finish it, then add the proscuitto back in at the end. Cook the cannelini beans in the roast pork drippings.

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      1. re: Jemon shall be the star of the evening tonite.

      2. Except for the pork butt, sounds like a good start for pasta e fagioli.

        1. So how did it come out? :)