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Apr 7, 2010 04:26 PM

No more Lucy (Strip Disttric, Pgh)

I walked by Lucy's stand today and instead of Lucy there was a white guy selling banh mi, egg rolls, and some other stuff. I guess Lucy won't be selling her sandwiches any more :( Anyone have a chance to try a banh mi today?

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  1. I had heard rumors that she was going to NYC...Don't know if that is true or not, but I was in the Strip this past weekend and I noticed her absence. I always thought she made the best sandwich in the city!

    1. wow, just realized how I spelled District in the heading! Sorry, too late to edit it apparently.

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      1. re: Rick

        Did you try the sandwich by the guy in Lucy's spot ?

        1. re: six dower

          No, but I did get some white bun looking thing. it has has mystery meat inside, but was pretty tasty, only two bucks.

      2. I also saw this guy yesterday. And I saw the buns. Didn't try anything.

        Anybody ever have the tacos outside of Reyna's? They smelled really good yesterday but I didn't go for it.

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        1. re: shadysider023

          The tacos are really good. Compared to similar stands in other cities though, 2 small tacos for $5 is steep.

          1. re: shadysider023

            Just visited Pittsburgh this weekend & went to the Strip District. In addition to the tacos, that guy had some large, awesome looking chile rellenos. Wish I hadn't been such a glutton at Pamelas or I would have tried one.

            1. re: shadysider023

              I had the beef tongue taco on Sunday, and it was one of the most delicious things I've eaten in the 5 years I've lived in Pittsburgh.

            2. I had a banh mi here today for the first time and I'm happy to report it's BETTER than Lucy's! They use a larger roll, a 9" baguette that they also sell individually for $0.75. The chicken seems to have a bit more kick to it, and they put a different sauce on it compared to what Lucy put on. Lucy put on something that reminded me of terryaki sauce. Their sauce is a bit creamier, spicier, and they put a lot more of it on. I always liked Lucy's sandwiches, but they were never an equal to the banh mi I get in Northern Virginia. These new proprietor's banh mi can give those in Norther Virginian a run for their money! I'd love to see them add more options like the red pork, head cheese, meat balls, fish balls etc.

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              1. re: Rick

                I hate to think that Lucy is gone, but this is great news, thanks for the report. Can't wait to try it!


                1. re: Rick

                  I had a pork sandwich from the guy and was severely disappointed. While he was making my sandwich he went to a squeeze bottle of sauce three separate times to apply this thick brown sauce it. When he stepped away for a moment I checked the hand-written label on the squeeze bottle and all it said was "k.c.".

                  When I finally got to eat my sandwich I suspected that the roast pork was swimming in K.C. Masterpiece Barbecue sauce. It was as bad as you can imagine.

                  If you like his sandwiches better than Lucy's, good for you. I appreciate options and hope both can manage to stay in business. But Lucy's is the only banh mi for me.

                  1. re: JC65

                    Maybe I had someone different make mine. Mine was chicken and definitely didn't have bbq sauce on it. An older Asian guy made mine.

                2. she moved to nyc, it is true, but now she's moved back! she is now in front of the firehouse.

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                  1. re: rachelc

                    Got to Lucy late on Thurs when she was packing up, all she had left were a couple of chicken skewers. So took those. Still delicious, but not a real good choice when you're trying to eat while driving downtown ;-)