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Apr 7, 2010 04:00 PM



I don't know if you've seen the article in Newsday, but the former pitmaster of Papa Rick's has hooked up with a partner and opened a BBQ joint in Glen Cove.

Papa Rick's was one of the first BBQ places around here and specialized in Texas style 'Q. They operated out of a small roadside shack in Syosset, near 135.

I'm hoping for good things.

If any of you have tried them out, please post about it.


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    1. re: Scott_R

      I did, thanks!

      I'm looking forward to trying the brisket. I hope it lives up to memories of the shack.

      I'm going to stop by to talk to them about WilliePallooza (the BBQ comp on the 18th) and I'll see if they have a sampler platter then. I'll post again as soon as I try their food.


      1. re: motoeric

        Ok, I stopped by on Sunday with a party of four. I met 'Papa Rick', the pitmaster before we went in. Nice guy.

        They are going with a pacific northwest hunting lodge sort of look and it works well for BBQ.

        There seems to be plenty of parking (although it filled up quick by the time I left).

        We ordered a number of platters and covered most meats and almost all of the sides.

        The stand-outs were the brisket (as would be expected), the onion soup (I know, odd) and the potato salad.

        Were there flaws? Absolutely. But even with the flaws at Big Apple BBQ, they are leaps and bounds beyond some other BBQ joints on Long Island. Would I go again? Absolutely.

        All in all it was very promising for a restaurant that hasn't even had their hard opening yet. I'm looking forward to seeing where they will be in 6 months.

        If any BBQ fans are interested, come on down to the competition in Brentwood on Saturday and Sunday. It's nothing extravagant, but you can talk to the teams and pitmasters about cooking up BBQ. It's at the VFW hall at 140 Wurz St.


        1. re: motoeric

          Thanks for reporting back on the new location. How does the food compare to the old Papa Rick's?

          1. re: mcf

            I can't give you an honest answer on the comparison. Too much time as elapsed and my memories are fuzzy at best.

            I remember it being very good and enjoying the brisket. The brisket here was certainly very good. Maybe comparable to Swingbelly's.


          2. re: motoeric

            Grand opening is scheduled for the end of April, though it is currently open as a soft opening.

            I think the hunting lodge decor was there from the two previous restaurants (Adirondack Grill and Wild Harvest).

            That said, the brisket and ribs we had were tasty. The slaw and the beet salad were meh...

            Given the dearth of BBQ joints on the Island, this is a welcomed addition.

            - Phil

            Wild Harvest
            64 Forest Ave, Glen Cove, NY 11542

        2. My experience at the original Papa Rick's on Jericho Turnpike was fairly ordinary barbecued pork and mediocre sides costing about $15. Quite pricey to sit outside along Jericho Turnpike listening to the traffic.


          1. from

            Neighbors not hot on BBQ joint's smokehouse

            (04/29/10) GLEN COVE - Neighbors of a new barbecue restaurant in Glen Cove say the smell coming from the adjoining smokehouse is too much to stomach.
            Big Apple BBQ on Forest Avenue has been approved to smoke its meat in-house and says its smokestack does not violate any ordinances.

            The City of Glen Cove sent some recommendations to the restaurant owners on how to modify the stack. The owners say they’re willing to make changes, such as extending the stack and redirecting the smoke, to resolve the problem.

            Some nearby homeowners say that’s not good enough and want the smokestack removed.

            1. I can't get this URL to work. Is this correct?

              Also, too bad about the neighbors complaining. I wonder if my neighbors hate it when I bring the smoker out. Personally, the smell of slow cooking pig flesh is quite outstanding.

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              1. re: StrongIsland

                You mean, the Big Apple BBQ link? It's correct--I've used it before; I'm guessing it's just a snafu.

                Cooking smells that can be outstanding when you're getting ready to eat can quickly get tiresome if you're getting them 24/7. I know that the reports about complaints about Smokin' Al's mentioned that a nearby dry cleaners was having problems with customers who complained that their clothing smelled of BBQ.

              2. Pretty bad review in the NY Times:
                For some reason, the rating from the print edition didn't translate to the online, but it's "Don't Bother" (the lowest on the scale).

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                  1. re: Scott_R

                    That's sad.

                    It would be great to find good 'Q outside of competitions here on Long Island.

                    Has anyone tried that new place near JFK?


                    1. re: motoeric

                      Would love to find out more about the place near JFK. We love good Q but have yet to find it. Thanks.