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Apr 7, 2010 03:23 PM

Lincoln, NH/Loon Mountain

Hi everyone,
I have booked our annual family reunion at Loon this August. We usually go out to dinner or lunch once. This year, there will be about 20-25 of us. Can you recommend any nice but not overly pricey (about 10-20 per entree?) restaurants in the area?

Thank you!

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  1. Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln.

    1. I would also reccomend Gypsy cafe, best food around. If you want a more steak house type of joint, Gordo's is further down the strip. The Common Man is also good, free crackers and cheese and comfy chairs! Wodstock Brewery hasw gone down hill over the years. For lunch, check out Half Baked, awesome prepared foods. I am not a big fan of Chinese food but found the Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the plaza to be the best I have had in NH. My favorite mountain town in NH!

      1. Gypsy Cafe is great, but 20-25 people may be pushing their limit. Both Common Man and Gordie's Fish House have the room you need and the food is pretty good with Common Man slightly better IMHO.