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Apr 7, 2010 02:30 PM

Sweat lodge for smoking meat [moved from Home Cooking]

my friend built a sweat loge which he made out of sods of earth (like an igloo) which worked really well. i have recently been thinking that it would be fun to build my own 'sweat lodge' but use it as sort of a cold smoking chamber in which i would hang various cuts of meat. the smoke would come from a fire which would be outside the lodge but would make its way into the chamber by way of a pipe of some sort. anyone have any idea wether or not this could work?

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  1. A seat lodge and a smoker are two differenth things etirely. A sweat lodge introduces heat, not smoke, and typically relies on some form of humidity control. A smoker relies on heat, smoke and humidity.

    1. A cold smoker is a fire chamber, a smoke chamber and a pipe of some sort connecting the two, so your basic design is sound. However, you want the smoke chamber to shed heat, not retain it. Sod is a good insulator, so it would not be a good choice for lining the smoke chamber.

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        what if the pipe to the sweat lodge chamber was so long like 2 or 3 metres that the smoke was very cool when it entered?

      2. You can always give 'er a try, but...
        I have a smoker and I try to imagine it big enough to sit in. Even though I adore cooking with smoke, I don't really like the smell of leftover, OLD smoke. So I think sitting in a smoker-turned-sweat-lodge (or sweat-lodge-turned-smoker) would be offensive to my sense of smell...let alone some of the logistics mentioned above.
        Like I say, certainly give it a try.
        If you put such effort into creating a sweat lodge, building your own smoker should be easy enough for perhaps better results. Just my 2c. {;-/