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Apr 7, 2010 02:08 PM

Blood pudding / Pho Nola

Hey guys, does anyone know a place that serves blood pudding? Has anyone seen it, maybe at Crescent City Pie on Banks street?

Oh, Also, has anyone heard of Pho Nola on Transcontinental? I recently tried Pho Orchid and thought it was pretty good, comparable to Nine Roses.

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  1. Pho Nola is decent, but their portions are small and the price is ridiculous for vietnamese food. A bowl of pho is $7-8 there when the norm is suppose to be $5-$6.

    1. If you find out please let me know as well, I think the closest to blood pudding is blood boudin.

      runCP3 where do you get a $5-$6 bowl of Pho at please let me know? I can't find a $5 bowl of anywhere in the city.

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        Yeah, everywhere I go, the norm for a bowl of Pho is low 5 for a small and maybe 6.50 for a large.

      2. check out the morcilla at LaBoca. It is blood,onion and spices. Argentinian style.

        1. Are these two unrelated requests? If you're looking for the Euro-style blood pudding, i'd look for a boudin rouge from Cochon Butcher or maybe a black pudding from Dan Esses. If, however, you're talking about the Viet offering, read on...

          The only place i've found tiet canh is at the Versailles market in the East. One of my Vietnamese friends handled the negotiations with the wizzened old woman. Then we purchased a live duck, which was whisked off to a nearby appartment and returned ~1H later plucked and dressed, accompanied by 3 or 4 styrofoam take-out type boxes, each containing a "duck blood pizza," dotted with peanuts, herbs, and various chopped organs.

          It was interesting in a sort of savory-jello-nightmare kind of way; a little salty, and bit aromatic, and way, way too gelatinous for my tastes.

          As far as PhoNola goes, three visits in and I am still making up my mind... which might say something.

          Pho Orchid, however, is well worth the hassle of crossing I-10 and navigating the Clearview commercial zone.