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Apr 7, 2010 01:21 PM

Clover food truck

I may have time to try it tomorrow but am not sure where it is. is it on that road by the Kendall inbound T entrance or somewhere else? I don't see it on the web site. Thanks.

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  1. I was there today. It's on that side street- the entrance with the elevator. You'll see about four food trucks and theirs is the third one down. Fabulous!

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      It's called Carleton Street.

    2. Yes, right behind the Kendall Square station inbound side. I've tried all the sandwiches and enjoyed them all, though my personal favorites are the BBQ seitan and the egg & eggplant.

      1. Also - very cool- they are launching a second truck somewhere near Longwood Medical area- not sure of the exact location yet. And they are almost signed up for a brick and mortar space in Harvard Square. They say it will take about three months to get it all ready and the deal is not final yet. Excellent news.

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          Does the 3 months pertain to the Brick and Mortar space or is the truck supposed to take that long too? This IS excellent news!

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            Several of us were talking with the folks there today about these plans. The three month time frame has to do with the brick and mortar space in Harvard Square which they are just about to close the deal on. The truck is almost finished. They are pretty sure they will be in the Longwood Medical Center area but don't have the exact spot yet- or can't share it. Big things in the works for these nice people.
            If you go on a day like today and have a few minutes for a nice urban adventure, I can recommend going to the roof top garden atop the parking garage around the corner. It's lovely up there!

        2. I ended up getting food in the morning, was surprised to see they had popovers so couldn't resist. They were fresh out of the oven and quite good. Not the best ever but good and any popover is always a treat. Saw a "BLT" when I walked by after noon and it looked good but their food may be too healthy for me. Altho I'll certainly try more stuff if a truck opens in Longwood.

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            The BLT is tempeh, which I don't mind, but I don't particularly love either. Not as "bacony" as I'd like, though I don't know how you can get tempeh really bacon-y, so I may be asking for the impossible here. If you must go mock meat, I'd go with the BBQ seitan over the BLT.

            Don't underestimate how tasty their healthy foods can be though. I love seitan in Chinese food, and this was the first western preparation of seitan I had and was pleasantly surprised.

          2. I really like their "Chickpea Fritter" it's basically falafel in disguise. I think the chickpeas night be partially cooked before frying though, which would be an extreme technical variation on falafel. Anyway, it's delicious and it's sort of Israeli style, with homemade pickles, and their great soft whole wheat pita. Once you've had Fordee's Grill's Falafel (best in town), this is the only other falafel worth even trying.

            I am not a big fan of the breakfast stuff tho and think the yogurt/granola item is not a good value. They did offer me another one after I brought it up however.

            They want to franchise out, in a big way. I think they have a pretty good chance.

            Fordee's Grill
            555 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472