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Apr 7, 2010 12:15 PM

Grainbelt Nordeast brew release

Looking for bartenders, servers or people in the know that know specifically WHAT Northeast bars the Nordeast brew will be released at tonight, 04/07. I was planning to go to the Peacock Lounge tonight, but I called and they said they won't have it until tomorrow. Well, I was planning to go today. Sounds like the 331 Club was planning on having it, but they sounded a little unsure. Anybody know bars that will or won't?

331 Club
331 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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  1. Just called the Red Stag and they will have it today.

    1. Grumpy's NE has it for sure as does Bulldog.

      In fact, Schell's they gave out samplers to all the bars stocking it two weeks ago and we got to try it at both Grumpy's and The's not bad, fuller body than Primo.

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      1. re: Foureyes137

        To bad people did not drink it and hype it up 40 years ago, all the good jobs would still be Nordeast, its a shame people did not drink it years ago, sorry just can not bring myself to drink it no matter how good it may be.

        1. re: cookkevin

          Sorry, cookevin, I wasn't born 40 years ago, let alone have turned 21. But I really do agree with you. My Grampa used to work at the brewery. At least it is still made in MN

          1. re: cookkevin

            I was also not alive 40 years ago.

            I'm confused by your motives. So because people didn't drink enough Grain Belt 40 years ago, you're not going to drink it now to....teach them a lesson? By not patronizing a different MN Brewery? I'm not getting something here. I live in NE and pay property taxes...can I get you to drink a beer?

            1. re: Foureyes137

              And yes, I'm sorry also to the younger beer drinkers on the board, it was not you who turned away from the great old local beers, its that I watched way to many people of my age go away from local beers years ago causing all the locals to go under, and a lot of those same beer drinkers NOW think Grain Belt Prem. etc. are great, its a shame, so again I'm sorry to the younger beer drinkers that have the good sense to buy/drink/shop local.

              1. re: cookkevin

                Nordeast brew ?? is it in the line of the old Grain Belt Golden ??

                1. re: cookkevin

                  I grew up in Milwaukee, which was quite the beer drinking / brewery town. Many of the beers are the same, that in the late 1970s and 1980s they all started targeting price points and looking for ways to reduce costs. Macro brewing was in its heyday. Brewers made ingredient choices that drove away many loyal customers because of the way the beer had been cheapened.

                  When the micro-brewing fad kicked off in the 1990s, brewers started to notice a change in the industry. Beer drinkers were jumping ship to buy more expensive beers as the economy continued to do well. Customers wanted flavor and taste more than low prices.

                  I think that the industry is starting to find good balance between micro- and macro-breweries. The macro-brewers are discovering that the original recipes (Schlitz, Old Style [i.e.LaCrosse Lager], and others) will bring back some of the faithful old customers. I love the trend since my grandfather worked for Schlitz. I support the local brewers as much as possible and salute Schells for trying to get a local icon back on the map.

                  I can't wait to taste one of these bad boys.