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Apr 7, 2010 11:24 AM

Cinnaminson - Where to eat?

Going shopping on Rt 130 - Where should we have our meal - lunch/dinner???

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  1. Cinnaminson is not the best place to food other than chains and hoagie shops. If you're looking for a nicer dinner, I'd suggest Bacio. Its an Italian BYO, I'd say by far the best in town. I'm not sure if they do lunch. Whistler's Inn for a casual dinner. They have excellent wings, ribs and pulled pork. I believe they have their own smokehouse in the back. In the Heritage Square shopping center next to the Target there is Raj Palace which has a decent Indian lunch buffet, and Star Manti for Turkish.

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    1. re: bd9

      I had dinner at Bacio the other night, and I don't recommend it. They tried to pass off some thick, fishy fish as sole, which it definitely was not. The menu never changes -- it seems the chef believes the more ingredients you put in a dish the better. It's not. Of the three of us, no one enjoyed their meal.

      1. re: hungry100

        Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience here Hungry100. I went with the DW and another couple. Everything was quite good. The sausage-stuffed fried olive appetizer was the surprise of the night: incredibly rich though, unsurprisingly, salty.

        The only problem that I had was that the couldn't find a carafe for me to dump my old bottle of wine into.

        I would certainly go back.