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Apr 7, 2010 10:58 AM

(Really) late night food in Coral Gables

We will be arriving around midnight at the Miami Airport and are staying at the Westin Colonnade (180 Aragon Avenue) for a friend's wedding next weekend. Any suggestions on places that will be open past midnight near the hotel and will still be serving food?


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  1. Versailles on 8th street is your best bet, You cant walk there but its close to the colonnade and the food is good authentic cuban.

    1. I would check on the hours of Su Shin Izakaya, which may be open late and is right across the street. If not open, Sergio's (Cuban) is also open late.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Pretty sure Su Shin closes at 11, and from what I can find of their website it agrees, although I wouldn't want to wager a guess at the last time it was updated.

      2. THE BAR - Good WINGS and other BAR FARE til 3am. Not much late night food in the Gables that comes to mind other than the old standby since 1946.

        1. Al Carbon, on Coral Way a bit east (? bad with directions!) of where you're staying, is open pretty late. They have decent argentinean parrilladas and burgers.

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            I'd hit Versailles too.....Food and service are both very good.....even late....and it can be a pretty lively place some evenings......Masas de puerco....Que Rico!!