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Apr 7, 2010 08:02 AM

Paleolithic Diet Recipes

I am trying to follow a diet that is mainly meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. I cant seem to tolerate grains and I am trying to minimize dairy. Does anyone have suggestions for recipes or cookbooks?

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  1. There is a subculture of Paleo/Primal followers online, a lot of whom have blogs with recipes. Try the Crossfit Nutrition Forum for a starting point. Also, Mark's Daily Apple has a large collection of recipes (

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      Who knew, very interesting. When I saw Paleolithic diet, I had a different vision in my head.
      I will check the links, thanks.

    2. First, welcome to the club. This was the best decision of my life -- I feel great, lost sixty pounds, have no mood swing or seasonal depression anymore, back ache is gone, I exercise and work out just for the sheer fun of it.

      Second, and you probably know that, a few places on the net are specialized in such practical paleo lifestyle questions, Mark Sisson's blog chief among them:

      Third, this is a very vast topic. I have dozens of recipe jumping to mind. But here are a few favourites:
      - Veal kidney roasted in its fat. Okay, I'm French, so finding whole, high-quality kidneys, in their fat, is relatively easy. But just keep a thin layer of fat around the kidney, and roast it as is. It's ridiculously excellent. My friend Sophie wrote about eating that at my place, and the pictures are in English:
      - Mikael is an extraordinary cook and gourmet who explored the question a lot: . He's the author in particular of the paleo tartar, a raw ground beef with bone marrow
      - I like to have cabbage, sautéed in butter with bone marrow in dices and hazelnuts
      - I always loved Mac and Cheese and realized that the Mac were actually not important in M&C -- For instance, I cook swiss chards in butter, then I add heavy whipping cream and cheese on top, possibly bonne marrow or bacon or lard, and broil it. Yum.
      - Endives salad -- with advocado, parmesan (optional), pinenuts...

      In general, the inspiration should come from the market -- a great salad of whatever there
      is, with plenty of nuts, and a big chunk of animal with it. Lamb breast is cheap and delicious, a great resource for me.

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        What great ideas! Thank you very much. I love Mark Sisson's website and that is what has inspired me. I feel so much better not eating grains, but I love to cook and find it a challenge sometimes.

      2. I have a suggestion: Please, please approach this diet with an open, but skeptical mind. Like many restrictive diet subcultures out there, which are vastly enabled today by the Internet, this one often approaches culthood very much like the raw food movement (though at least you don't starve to death as a paleo -- as strict raw foodists would if they didn't all cheat, which they do).

        Please be very careful with any strict diet that has a vocal and passionately defensive social network around it. That goes double when they spend a lot of energy explaining why nutritionists are completely wrong and attacking anyone who raises questions.

        I have seen several friends ping-pong from veganism to raw food to paleo to Atkins to gluten-free to whatever new set of rules they feel will make them finally dietarily perfect. (And no, I'm not talking about people who've been medically diagnosed with celiac -- please spare me the attacks. I'm talking about people who've let some 19-year-old in the vitamin aisle at Whole Manna Goddess Nutrition petrify them that their colon is impacted and they have joint pain because they ate a packet of Wheat Thins. Anyone who spent any time in the "health food" trenches knows exactly what I'm talking about.)

        These friends of mine have an unhealthy relationship with food, and these super-strict rules are a way for them to unwittingly focus more attention on that relationship. The urge is based on unattainable notions of false nutritional "purity" and supposed lost or secret knowledge. These are all the hallmarks of pseudoscience and snake oil.

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            dmd, as someone who has spent much time in the health food trenches, i just had to say thank you - that comment about the Wheat Thins gave me a great laugh :) every time i hear someone talk about how they have to do a cleanse because they heard or read that we're all walking around with 15 years' worth of rotting meat in our colons, i just want to smack some sense into them.

            now, having said that, as long as one doesn't get über-militant about it, a modified Paleo diet can be nutritionally balanced and satisfying. and by modified, i mean one that includes legumes, beans, and even (gasp!) the occasional starchy vegetable.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              That is why I really like Mark Sisson's website. Its paleo, but it encourages some dairy and it doesnt put you out to pasture if you have a bean. I think it is a very healthy, balanced approach. I cant say I will never have a grain again, but I know I feel tons better when I treat them like a special occasion food item instead of eating 6-11 servings a day as the US guidelines suggest. But I totally feel your pain on the extreme programs. I think you just have to play around until you find what works for your own individual body.

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              I rate this as one of the very best comments in Chowhound history, at least in my decade or so here.

            3. i can't have gluten, yeast (and anything fermented), dairy including casein, and coconut, so i feel your pain...

              cookbooks i own -- feast without yeast , the allergy cookbook, and extraordinary foods -- they're jumping off points.

              play with spices, beans, broths, crock pots...

              Earth Balance is a good sub for butter

              some idea:
              -fish cooked in parchment
              -marinated and grilled meats, fish, veggies
              -soups/stews - i do a great veggie and/or lentil soup with cumin and coriander
              -whole foods sells a great black bean fettucine and a mung bean spaghetti (both only made from the beans); or try substituting vegetables for pasta (or use spaghetti squash - different but good with garlic and olive oil - if you can tolerate yeast, try using Nutritional Yeast instead of parmesan)
              -make tortillas using garbanzo flour
              -tacos using corn tortillas
              -roast chicken is amazingly easy and rewarding in terms of payoff for what can be done -- use the meat for salads, tacos, stratas, etc; make soup with the carcass
              -for desserts, stew fruits like rhubarb, bake apples, grill peaches/nectarines
              -mediterranean dishes are safe - hummus, baba ghanoush, kebabs, dolmas, etc

              ...i could keep going, but tell me if you want more...

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              1. re: Emme

                These all sound very good and healthy. I will check out the cookbooks. Thanks.

              2. Hi, I'm in the UK and follow a modified Paleo diet but found that the Paleo Diet by Lauren Cordain from the USA really helpful. it talks about having dietary 'holidays' too so it's not to fanatical. Nice sections on health and medical conditions were interesting especially to me 'cos I'm a nurse.