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Apr 7, 2010 07:35 AM

Riven Rock Grill (Comfort TX) You been?

A mom/pop resort overlooking an old folk's home outside Comfort. Mom/Pop have set their son up as the chef of their outdoor Grill featuring Texasy cuisine and comestibles. The set up is the new California/Texas style we're seeing everywhere. Sounds too good to be true. If you've been, will you tell me about it?

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  1. Never heard of it till now, but I will be working in Kerrville the first weekend in May and will give it a try . if you live in the area, you are welcome to join me, if I may be so presumptuous.

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      I think that's very sweet of you to invite us to join you (and very Texan.) But we are away the first weekend in May. If you go (and read Ms. Ghost below) please report back! I am a very tough critic-- because we are not rich. I'll pay for an excellent meal, but I hate being disappointed.

    2. A group of six of us went in Feb. and thoroughly enjoyed it! Whereas the description "mom & pop' might be accurate, they are a sophisticated mom & pop! Didn't see the old folk as it was night, but we've been meaning to return in the day to see the views as at least some of them must be spectacular. The patio area was enclosed with see-through, thick plastic and there were space heaters so it was quite comfortable. There is also a large, covered pavilion type structure that was still apparently under construction. It had a nice water element running around part of it, so I'm sure will be very nice when finished.
      The menu, though limited, was varied enough to appeal to every taste in our group. All of us enjoyed everything we had, and there was a nice wine selection as well. Don't know if they have a full bar as we only ordered wine. I think it's a wonderful addition to the Hill Country dining scene!

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        Thanks, Ms. Ghost. We toured the facility-- and no one ever showed up. That's what I mean by mom-pop. Good on them for trying, but the place screamed "Let's Make a Resort!" We asked a neighbor on the road if it was all right to enter the property (no real signage) and with his last words ("don't tell them I said it was ok") we drove onto the property, toodled around the place until we stumbed on the eating pavilion. The doors were open, we wandered in. Yes, the water features are finished. Very slick, Texasy/CA style place. But no one ever saw us, greeted us. . . it was a bit eerie. And totally unprofessional. BUT thanks to your recommendation (not their website or their organization) I may give it a try. Good to know you didn't see the old folks home on the hill at night. I had imagined it might be well lit. It commanded most of the view. And finally, Lord yes, the Hill Country dining scene could well use something like this, if it's professionally executed.

        Hill Country Cafe
        806 Main St, Kerrville, TX 78028

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          Surprised there is such a place in Comfort.Haven't been there in years.
          I looked at the menu,and the venison burger sounded good,.Rest of the stuff
          seemed tasty, but the venison burger for 10 dollars sounds more in my range.PoPo's Family Restaurant in Nelson City off I-10 north of San Antonio
          is very good.Maybe not as fancy,but the food was very fresh.You can i believe get wine there, and it is located in the old Nelson City Dance Hall.Had their chicken fried chicken,no taste of grease, nicely done. Went there in January with my sister and her fiance Ross and some friends.It has all kinds of decrative plates on the wall and has a bar too.

      2. This is a friendly, informational post. The restaurant is called "The Terrace Grill" and it is located on the Riven Rock Ranch in Comfort TX. Our restaurant is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner. Should you come on another day, no one will be there to greet you. Our chef, Joseph, is not our son, but we would be pleased to have a son like him. We are not aware if we are a "California/Texas" style establishment, but that doesn't sound bad. We try to serve only the freshest of ingredients, from Texas, if possible, and we do most of our cooking in a wood burning oven and on a wood burning grill. Hermann Sons retirement is visible from the back of our property, but cannot be seen from within the dining area in day or night. We would love any/all of you to visit and see for yourself! For reservations, check our website: for the phone #. Sincerely, Elaine

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          Elaine, good of you to respond to my query. I hope you will take into account my first experience of your restaurant. I had seen the ads in local and state publications, and I expected a much more polished establishment when we stopped by to check it out. There was no signage at your front gate to guide us, there was no signage on your property to guide us, and when we reached the "Terrace Grill," the front door was open and again-- nothing to guide us, to enter or not to enter. We nosed around in the empty restaurant for maybe a half hour, even stuck our heads in the kitchen, and nothing. It felt like a summer camp between sessions. All of these things bespoke to us a place that hadn't fully opened (that's fine!) or didn't care to make its identity clear. We couldn't tell if the restaurant were part of a resort or an independent venue open to the public. IMHO there is a spate of amateurish resorts, restaurants, and wineries in the Hill Country, spawned by Texan bravado and pre-recession largesse . Of course, anyone with enough money has the right to run what they choose. All I ask is for a little polish, a little Texas savoir faire -- to match what is advertised. I look forward to visiting the Terrace Grill.

        2. A group of 10 of us had a ladies' lunch at Riven Rock's Terrace Grill last week on a trip to Comfort Texas. We were greeted & taken care of very well. Drinks were filled without having to ask. Questions we asked about the food were addressed. When we saw the Sweet Potato Fries go by to another table, we asked for many orders of our own. The Venison Burger - delish. The Venison pizza - yummy & cheesy too. The Greek Salad and the Muffaletta were also tasty. One of the owners, Elaine, stopped by to make sure we had everything we needed. The ladies bathroom was something special - we all had to make a trip just to check it out. Although we didn't stay at Riven Rock Ranch - a few of the ladies took brochures for future trips. Great job on their customer service!

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            This is my take. Now I am not a food critic and this is based on one trip only, which, imo, is not fair way to judge a restuarant. Problem here is that I will probably not go back since I drove here from Kerrville and honestly, do not see any reason to return. I may, though, simply in the interest of fairness and because it offeres a unique dining experience to the ones I usually have in the K'ville area.

            My dinner consisted of what they describe as a hand battered sirloin steak, i.e. a fancy chicken friend steak. It came with the mashed potatoes and a grilled very well seasoned zucchine squash. The food was good. In contrast to the usual CF's I get I had to spit out very few bites of this one. However, the taste of the meat was not, imo,up to the price of 27.95 that was charged for the dinner. I am a light eater so I did not order any app's nor salad, nor desert. What was served was plenty of food for me.

            The setting is casual but was enjoyable. It a covered patio and there was nice breeze and being in the country added to the enjoyment of the meal.

            I found the staff to be very accomodating. The hostess was very friendly and helpful ( I waa an hour late for my reservation, to be discussed, but that did not present a problem. They weren't that busy anyway). I find the waitstaff around this area typically to consist of good, friendly people who naturally are helpful and accomodating just by nature. My waiter, I think his name was Mike was a good natured young man who seemed to be aptly trained in his craft, considering he was local boy and had not been exposed, I would suspect, to many restuarant scenes. I was impressed that, although not on the menu, he was able to produce for me a glass of chanpagne as an apretiff. Good kid.

            Problems. The web site gives directions to the place from SAT but not from the west.. I called ahead to ask for exit directions. ( In my head I knew that they should be the same from both directions, but someone told me to exit at 255 and not 254 as indicated on the web site. Now, deep down I thought that was wrong but I passed 254 and had to go to Boerne, I believe, to be able to turn around. This is when I made my first phone call, to advise them that I was running late. I had to leave a message because no one answered. When I did get to Comfort, I got mixed up on directions and called again, and again, no one answered the phone. I made a total of 4 phone calls to two different numbers and got no answers( one to the local and 3 to the 800). That was frustrating.
            When I finally arrived I noticed a man sitting by the fireplace who I found out later was one of the owners. We were laughing about my mishap, my joke was that without gravity, I would have not any sense of direction at all, and the Ms., Elaine, joined in. Funny though, I was talking to her and in mid sentence, she turned and walked away. That's okay though because I don't claim to be an engaging person.. The Mr. talked to me occassionally ( I told him I had read about his restuarant on this site, hence the response from the Ms.)
            I noted that they did, make it a point to visit other patrons for dinner, a good thing.

            When I left the parking lot was dark and the exit was not clearly marked so i took the driveway instead of the correct exit but that was an error that did not take long to correct. The point is that a little parking lot lighting might be helpful , especially for the older and those with night vision problems, e.g. me.'

            All in all it was a pleasant experience but there was nothing to really entice me back. I feel like items are overpriced, the menu is very typical of the region ( I would like to see more exotic dishes something like Hudsons on the Bend out at Lake Travis, but that might not work in that area. ) However, I don't think the place has something "special" that is enough to draw me back.

            Kudos to the waitstaff though.

            And thass' what I t'ink.

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              thanks, singlemalt! great report! you know, running a restaurant is so much more than just selling food on plates. I'm glad you got that champagne apertif because you sure did deserve it! the not having staff to answer phones is similar to our experience of arriving to check the place out and finding a ghost town. hence my calling the place a "mom and pop" gig. . .