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Apr 7, 2010 07:21 AM

Another new cafe/bakery at Danforth and Woodbine

Currently named Coffee Coffee but apparently will be renamed once the new sign is ready. Haven't been yet but early reports from Deca Diaries sound promising. Of course this means I'll have to buy even more bread to support both it and Celena's!

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    1. re: Full tummy

      It's on the southwest corner, beside Pizza Pizza. Haven't been yet though.

    2. Good to hear that they'll be changing the name and sign. The sign gets lost in the neighbouring signs. I hope this place does well. First Better Bulk, then Celena's and now Coffee Coffee - looks like Woodbine and Danforth is being slowly revitalized :)

      1. I was in today, 2 lovely sisters with lots of experience serving various farmer's markets. It's going to be renamed the Cozy Cafe.
        I had good minestrone soup and they gave us some bread samples, a crunchy country white and a multi grain bun which were delicious. The cranberry cinnamon bun was unbelievable.
        Also available - lasagne, pork schnitzel, challah, poppy seed loaf, baklava, lots of other baked sweets...they plan to have a fridge of prepared soup to go.
        As much of the ingredients as possible are organic, but not all.

        The interior is still old school donut store crossed with Ikea, but they're really passionate good bakers.

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        1. re: hoagy294

          How exciting! Any idea about hours?

          1. re: Full tummy

            They open at 7:30 and I completely forgot to look at what time they close or confirm if they're 7 days/week. There is a sign on the door with the hours.

        2. This is great news. I'll check it out tomorrow. I'm not overly keen on Celena's, sadly.

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          1. re: munchieHK

            Have you been back lately? I am very impressed with their croissants and danishes, of late. (Much improved over early days.) Thought some of their squares looked mighty appetizing...

          2. I popped in this afternoon. Nice Polish ladies running the place. The usual Polish bakery stuff. Got a loaf of the village bread which was pretty good. Pastries looked nice too. I think it might be a mistake to open their doors when the place is really not ready. First impressions are important for many people. I have a feeling that they are aiming for a different crowd than Celena, which seems to attracts the local Yummies and is positioning itself more as an artisan bakery. I have a feeling this new place will be much more down to earth, which is wise. A head to head yuppie bread bake off would be in nobody's best interests. I think the neighbourhood is diverse enough to support both businesses.

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            1. re: munchieHK

              Hmm, she told me she was Serbian. Anyway, got there yesterday and had a poppy seed strudel and a feta and spinach turnover. Both very tasty. The space is a bit difficult to get a stroller into (three steps), but has some toys and is very roomy. The prices seemed good. I definitely see myself supporting both bakeries.

              1. re: mariecollins

                Was the spinach turnover something like spanakopita? Sounds yummy. Must get there soon.

                1. re: Full tummy

                  No - it looked a little like a savory Chinese bun. Not as much filling as a spanakopita. Lot's of baklava type pastries though. I was trying to persuade her to make Burek but apparently it's not easy.

              2. re: munchieHK

                What the hell is a "Yummy"? It sounds like no category I would want to be put in. That being said, I believe that Celena, which I've tried a handful of times, has great croissants, but their bread is below par. Their "baguettes" are no crust loaves stuffed with what looks like Play-Doh... and the texture is almost exactly the same. Awful, awful bread.

                Cozy Corner is actually better on every level except the appearance. It's a bit dark and spare in there. They really need to fix up the entrance and brighten the place, because their products are vastly superior. I hope they can spruce it up a bit.

                Now, for a general question about bakeries in Toronto... why the hell don't these lazy bakers start at 3 AM and have baguettes, loaves and rolls ready for 6-7 am? *grumble*

                1. re: reefrmad

                  Yummies + Yummy Mummies. Surprised you haven't heard the term. Plenty of designer strollers per square yard in Celena's.
                  I could live with the laziness of Toronto's bakers if I could find a baguette anywhere in this city that was even half as as good as I can find in any neighbourhood in Paris. Hell, I'd buy it at 10PM if need be.