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Apr 7, 2010 07:02 AM

Restaurants for a large group in Manchester

I'm arranging a party for a friend in Manchester in a few months' time, and am finding it tricky to find a good spot for a group of about ten 25-35-year-olds to go of a Saturday night in the city centre. The Mark Addy is the closest I've found to the sort of sturdy A&H/Great Queen St cooking I think would be the best bet, but am looking for further suggestions...

Any other interesting Thai/Chinese/Indian suggestions would be welcome, too... we're going to Red Chilli for Sunday dim sum fun, but advice on other great spots with large dining areas/private rooms would be welcome!

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  1. Another very good bet would be El Rincon de Rafa. They can accommodate large groups well and is fantastic. Two words of warning though (1) You'll need to book asap, its always booked out (2) They try and force large groups onto a set menu of tapas, just be difficult and demand to order a la carte - they always buckle.

    One more thing - Red Chili doesn't do dim sum. Go anyway, nowhere else compares for Chinese food full stop. Also their Bejing dumplings are to die for if you're after dumpling action.

    1. As to your Thai/Chinese/Indian:

      Thai - Chaophrya

      Chinese - as mentioned Red Chilli doesnt do dim sum - best place, by a long way, is Glamorous (at the Wing Yip on Oldham Road). Red Chilli gets all the play by way of Sichuan. Jay Rayner seems to reckon its the only decent place of any sort to eat in Manchester and regularly plugs it (although he did apparently quite like the Mark Addy). I disagree with him not just on the general but on the specific, preferring Red & Hot just round the corner in Chinatown.

      Indian - in the centre, you'll want Akbars or EastZEast.

      (Havnt been to the Mark Addy , at least not in the last 25+ years. Some mixed comments on egullet: