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Apr 7, 2010 03:59 AM

Traveling from Boston area to Rochester...TOMORROW

HI all, I am taking my son to Rochester Inst of Tech. We leave the boston area tomorrow morning, shooting to check into our hotel in Rochester around 3 or 4pm. This means lunch on the road. Any places right off the higway that you could recommend? I suspect we will have just crossed over the border right around lunchtime. Although my son is happy with highway fast food, I would like to have other options to suggest. Also, anything you can suggest for a great dinner in Rochester would be welcomed. My son is a good eater, not too picky so we are up for anything.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Where in Rochester are you staying? the Italian food is pretty good up there.

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      we are at the best western near RIT

      1. re: momoftwo

        RIT is located in a Rochester suburb. There's not much around it except for the usual chain places. Right on the corner of the RIT campus is a retail/office park called Point Park. There is a middle eastern restaurant there called King David's which is pretty good. Downtown Rochester, I'd recommend that you look at the East Avenue area. There are three casual but good restaurants that I'd recommend: Veneto, One and Eros. Hard to be more specific without knowing what kind of food you like.

        King David's Restaurant
        200 Pierpont St, Rochester, NY 14613

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          just to close the loop, we stopped at the Irish pub in the Point Park shopping area. It was packed cuz this was the first game of the frozen 4 and RIT was playing. We stayed for a beer becuase I was parched ;) and to give my son a taste of "college life" even though he doesn't drink he though ti would be a great place to catch a Pats game if he went there. so we ended up at Buffalo wild wings which made my son very happy!! I am sure better buffalo wings could have been had at a number of places, oh well, so much for the adventure. Thanks everyone!