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Apr 6, 2010 11:22 PM

New Trader Joe's yea/nay thread 2nd quarter 2010

It's April! Time for a new thread.

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  1. yay for the the almond butter with golden flaxseeds!

    1. I usually make my pancakes from scratch. Got a box of multigrain pancake mix from TJ's last week. Used buttermilk instead of milk, added a tsp+ vanilla and dotted w blueberries before flippin' them over. The family thought they were the best panckes EVER!

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      1. re: shaebones

        thanks! I am definitely checking out that mix!

        1. re: shaebones

          I like that mix too, but not as much as Kodiak Kakes, which a friend used to send me when she lived in the Pacific Northwest. It's not sold in New England though I hear it is in FL, go figure, and online. If you ever have a chance to try it, do. It's all whole wheat but not at all bitter or strong, and all you add is water. Thanks for rebooting the thread. I didn't want to come off as a control freak so I was hoping someone else would do it!

          1. re: greygarious

            miss gray, i'm glad that you rebooted the thread! i like people with initiative!

            1. re: alkapal

              It was shaebones' initiative, not mine. Didn't want to seem too anal aboout it - which reminds me that at work, if I didn't change the toilet paper roll in the ladies' room, the new one would perch atop the empty cardboard cylinder for days, until I couldn't stand it any more and performed the transplant....on the bright side, that way it always rolled over the top and not the "wrong" way (from below)!

            2. re: greygarious

              I think TJ's people are just better than Costo shoppers. Last spring I tried to start a new Costco thread but nooooooo. That thread has become huge and repetitive. Since I post on both that makes me subject to severe mood swings and loss of identity. But the pure TJs folks that only post here and avoid that nasty old Costco thread are superior human beings. He he he. I was sick for April Fool's Day so I just had to start later. I am so just kidding here. :) Last week my friend wasn't sure if he liked pumpkin seeds enough to eat a whole bag of them and asked if there was any way he could have a sample first. The employee he asked was very friendly and happy to open up the bag he was wondering about. He bought the seeds and now they have more noshes for their break room.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                they'll open packages for samples, if one simply asks.

                cool slam on the costco deal. hey, what's up with that? start a new thread already.

            3. re: shaebones

              I used that mix last night to make dumplings...they were a little heavy but tasty nonetheless.

            4. I love their natural peanut butter but found out the hard way the (plastic) jar isn't microwaveable...had had it in the fridge and wanted to soften it up a bit...1 min at 30% 30 seconds the rim of the jar had sparked and basically caught fire, I presume because of the foil left around the rim from the "safety" seal. A mess. More fool me.

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              1. re: buttertart

                Oh wow, I've never tried that but good to note. My ANPB never seems to fully harden in my fridge.

                1. re: jenscats5

                  I never keep peanutbutter in the fridge -- it's not like it spoils, although I suppose eventually it could go rancid.

                  1. re: Ruth Lafler

                    I didn't used to until a friend who is a food-safety nut told me I was risking aflatoxin...which I don't really know is true or not, I thought it had to be in the peanuts used to make the PB to taint it. The jar says to refrigerate it so I did. The part transferred to a glass jar is now on my counter as all its predecessors were.

                    1. re: buttertart

                      I think you're right: the aflatoxin is already in the peanutbutter, and toxins aren't affected by refrigeration. A quick google shows that almost all peanutbutter contains small amounts of alflatoxin, with the maximum allowed regulated by the government.

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        On the counter it stays then. It's quite good but a bit sweeter than I really like, must be the Valencia peanuts.

                2. re: buttertart

                  Yeah, that foil is reactive, you have to peel it off completely, especially if exposed to the microwaves...


                3. I was in on Saturday and picked up the fat free feta on the advice of someone on this board. It's horrible. On the other hand, I got a crate of clementine's for $6.99 that are terrific and the 12 ouce jar of salsa verde is almost gone.

                  1. Triple fruit treat - mango, cranberry, blueberry dried fruit. Not as good as all fruit mix, and twice as expensive, as it is only 8 oz., but since the all fruit mix is never coming back....