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ISO Chewy Granola Bar Recipe

Looking for a recipe for chewy granola bars so I can stop buying those sugar-laden ones from the supermarket for my children. Thx.

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  1. Crisp & Chewy Granola Bars (from One Smart Cookie)

    1T butter
    1/4 c. brown sugar (packed)
    1/4 c. honey
    pinch salt

    1c. mix-ins - dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips...
    1&1/2c. Rice Krispies cereal
    1c. quick oats
    1T ground flax (optional)

    1. In a medium bowl combine mix-ins, cereal, oats and optional flax. Set aside.

    2. In a large saucepan on medium melt butter with sugar, honey, and salt. Boil mixture for 1 minute.

    3. Remove sugar mixture from heat and stir in cereal mixture.

    4. Press into an ungreased 8x8 pan, or double quantities and press into a 9x13.

    5. Just like Rice Krispie Treats cool either in the fridge or at room temp til firmed up. When cooled cut into bars (8x8 makes about 12 Quaker chewy size bars)

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      3 c oats
      4 c anything else, ie chips, nuts, mini marshmallows, dried fruit and coconut
      1 can sweetened condensed milk

      Mix it all up together and press onto a greased pan or one with a silpat
      Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or when the top is browned a little.
      Flip onto another tray to cool. (the underside can be a little undercooked but will harden nicely when cooled.)

      Eat up! Yummy!

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        what size pan do you use? thanks!

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          I love this recipe, but I've had problems with making the granola into bars. Every time I attempt to flip these over, they fall apart. Even when I try to reform the sheet of granola and let them cool, they still don't form bars. Any suggestions?

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            what kind of oats are you using? also, have you tried letting them cool for 20-30 minutes on the counter, then sticking them in the fridge for 15-20 minutes, then trying to invert?

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              I don't make bars per se. We just usually rip pieces off. It is very "rustic". I think you can try scoring the bars as the pan is cooling and then breaking them when cooled. Much like you do to english toffee.

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                Thanks for the answers! Emme- I'm using quick oats. I'm sure the old fashioned would stick together more easily. I'll try your idea with the fridge next time. Lilmomma- that's what happens with mine. I pull mine apart and store them in a bag, creating tons of granola crumbs, which I've want to avoid. However, they might be really good with yogurt or fruit.

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                  try the fridge, and do try regular oats. i use TJ's red canister version for most oatmeal inclusive baking recipes.

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            ms.... I like this recipe, but worry that it would "melt" if left unrefrigerated for very long. Has this ever been a problem for you? I wonder what would happen if it were baked for awhile.

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              I haven't tested them in Vegas in June or anything but I cool them at room temp and they set like rice krispie treats - chewy and stiff but not rock hard. I send them on the kids lunches all the time, take them on road trips and they hold up fine.

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              Hi this recipe sounds great But what is 1T butter i know the rest, thanks from UK. would love to try them,

              1. re: kctazjessi

                1 Tablespoon US butter... which seems to be .8 tablespoons UK

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                  1 Tablespoon butter is 1/2 oz. butter.

              2. I made the ones from lilmomma, I put in flax meal, coconut and chocolate. it was easy , fast and delicious. It's now my go to granola bar.

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                  Yeah!!!! SO glad you like them!!

                2. Try David Lebovitz's "Friendship Bars." They're on his Web site. They're excellent, and they are really adaptable so you never have to make them the same way twice.

                  1. This recipe uses puffed whole grains instead of oats. But you might like it or adapt it even. I like it using puffed kamut. And I've used different combinations of dried fruits, though I do like the cranberry/blueberry best.


                    1. Oh my goodness! I have been making this Smitten Kitchen recipe weekly since I found the recipe. They are absolutely perfect! I have found that they hold together a bit better if you use almond butter instead of peanut butter.


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                        Thanks for the new obsession, Becca! Wow, those are delicious! My 11 month old learned a new sign in record time thanks to those granola bars. We'll see how long I can keep her thinking they're cookies. ;-)

                      2. I have one (energy bar) thats quite good. Not all that chewy, bit more on the crispy side but good nonetheless.

                        3 cups quick cooking oats or oats of choice.
                        1/2 cup finely chopped dried pears or a combination of other dried fruits.
                        1/2 cup finely chopped finely dried cranberries
                        3/4 cup butter or margarine if you can't abide the price of butter
                        1cup packed brown sugar
                        3/4 tsp salt
                        1/2 tsp grated lemon rind
                        1 1/2 tablespoons golden syrup (corn syrup in US should suffice)
                        1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

                        In large bowl, combine oats and dried fruit: set aside.
                        In large heavy saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Stir in sugar, salt, lemon rind, golden syrup and vanilla; bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring frequently.
                        Remove from heat and stir in oat mixture.
                        Turn into 33x23 cm (13 x 9 inch) pan; press mixture to form an even layer.
                        Bake at 350F (180 C) for 20 minutes. Cut into bars while still warm.
                        Makes approx 21 bars.

                        This recipe can be changed in so many ways. I've made them with all dried fruit (the favourite) or fruit & nuts of choice. Use any combination of dried fruits also. Peach and blueberry are good, raspberry & cherry are good but the most requested from my family & friends is any combination as long as theres dried cranberries included.

                        1. Here is one my mom invented to mimic her favorite soft and chewy granola bars. They are good and they are nice and chewy--they follow the rice crispy treat format. You can mix up the nut and fruit as you see fit:
                          Chewy fruit nut bars
                          10oz marshmallows
                          3 T butter
                          -melt is large pot, stir till smooth, add:
                          1 1/2 cups crispy rice cereal
                          2 cups quick cooking oats
                          3/4 cups raisins
                          3/4 cups dried cranberries
                          3/4 cup toasted chopped almonds
                          3/4 cup toasted chopped pecans
                          -stir well, press into shallow greased pan, press very hard with greased hands till very compacted, cool & cut into bars.
                          -makes approx. 32 1 oz bars

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                            LOVE this recipe..just wrote it up on my blog, then whipped up a batch and sent it in a college care package tomy daughters who are in the middle of finals...A subtle reminder that Mother's Day I around the corner. They better send me good flowers!
                            2 cups old fashioned oats
                            1 cup walnuts, crushed
                            1 cup shredded coconut
                            1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds
                            1/4 c. ground flax seed
                            1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
                            1/2 cup honey
                            1/2 cup brown sugar
                            3 tablespoons butter (or vegetable oil)
                            2 tsp. vanilla
                            1/4 tsp salt
                            1/2 cup dried cranberries]
                            1/2 cup white choc. chips

                            Mix oats and nuts and seeds and coconut and bake on a baking sheet for ten minutes at 350º.
                            Reduce oven temp. to 300º. Place oat mixture in a large bowl. Mix in flax and cinnamon.
                            Bring sugar, honey, butter, vanilla and salt to a simmer on the stove, cook for a minute until sugar is dissolved. Stir into oat mixture, then add dried cranberries and, when slightly cool, add the chips.
                            Butter a 9x13" pan, line with parchment and butter that. Pour in mixture and pat down to make it compact. Bake for 25 mintes. Slice into twelve pieces while still warm, but leave it in the pan to cool before you remove the bars.
                            SO good.

                          2. Perfect thread!!! Chow never fails when it comes what I'm ISO.

                            Look forward to trying maplesugar's recipe and the link LNG212 from the Vegetarian Times. I am really excited (especially how much $$$ this will save and I can control the ingredients)!!

                            1. I just posted on another thread about the tasty White House Fruit and Oat bars from New York Times, May 12. A word to the wise; don't use foil! Even though I had oiled it per the recipe, the bars stuck and I had to spend 20 minutes peeling bits of foil off the back of the bars. Use parchment instead or what another chowhound recommended -- a very thin, reusable silicon parchment. The bars were good, however, and very hearty.