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Apr 6, 2010 08:49 PM

5 days in Quebec City. What must we eat. (Children in tow.)

Thank you to Oliver and all respondents as that string of posts has helped. I'm not so adventurous as to try sweet meats and will have a teen and a little one in tow (but not EVERY night). Husband and my mom too who lived in QC during her teens. We're staying in Old Town and come from a small town in BC with Boston Pizza as the main stay. Please don't cry anyone. Chowhound helped me out a few years back on a trip (with same Mom) to Chicago. We're looking for breakfast, brunch, light lunch, dinner and wine bar recommendations.

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  1. For breakfast or brunch, L'Omelette (64 rue Ste Louis; Old Town) is excellent: pleasant atmosphere, huge menu for picky eaters, inexpensive, delicious, and good service. Breakfast is served all day.
    For traditional Quebec food, I love Aux Anciens Canadiens (34 Rue Saint-Louis; Old Town). The lunch menu may be more suitable and affordable with a young child: Be sure to try the specialty drink, Chicoutai, a cocktail made from cloudberry liqueur (chicoutai), vodka, and spruce beer.

    Aux Anciens Canadiens
    34 Rue Saint-Louis, Quebec, QC G1R3Z1, CA

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      Aux Anciens is much maligned for not being frou frou, but partner and I love the modest prices and family-friendly eating in an aunt's kitchen back in time. I agree wih both your suggestions.

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      1. another nice place to try would be the Billig on St-Jean street, for ther crepe bretonne. Comfy and easy going, with nice choices and very reasonable prices.
        526 St-Jean, (418) 524-8341

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          Thanks mgenois,
          I forgot Le St-Crème on Ste-Anne street just at the corner of Trésor street, an ice cream shop to die for and nice homemade sandwiches.

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            Bien merci. We are off this week and can't wait. Much appreciate all replies

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              For Coffee try,
              Brulerie St Roch, 375, Rue Saint-Joseph Est, city centre, just below the Old town
              or Brulerie Tatum, 1084 Rue Saint-Jean, across from Paillard within the Old Walls