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5 days in Quebec City. What must we eat. (Children in tow.)

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Thank you to Oliver and all respondents as that string of posts has helped. I'm not so adventurous as to try sweet meats and will have a teen and a little one in tow (but not EVERY night). Husband and my mom too who lived in QC during her teens. We're staying in Old Town and come from a small town in BC with Boston Pizza as the main stay. Please don't cry anyone. Chowhound helped me out a few years back on a trip (with same Mom) to Chicago. We're looking for breakfast, brunch, light lunch, dinner and wine bar recommendations.

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  1. For breakfast or brunch, L'Omelette (64 rue Ste Louis; Old Town) is excellent: pleasant atmosphere, huge menu for picky eaters, inexpensive, delicious, and good service. Breakfast is served all day.
    For traditional Quebec food, I love Aux Anciens Canadiens (34 Rue Saint-Louis; Old Town). The lunch menu may be more suitable and affordable with a young child: http://www.auxancienscanadiens.qc.ca/.... Be sure to try the specialty drink, Chicoutai, a cocktail made from cloudberry liqueur (chicoutai), vodka, and spruce beer.

    Aux Anciens Canadiens
    34 Rue Saint-Louis, Quebec, QC G1R3Z1, CA

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      Aux Anciens is much maligned for not being frou frou, but partner and I love the modest prices and family-friendly atmosphere...like eating in an aunt's kitchen back in time. I agree wih both your suggestions.

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      1. another nice place to try would be the Billig on St-Jean street, for ther crepe bretonne. Comfy and easy going, with nice choices and very reasonable prices.
        526 St-Jean, (418) 524-8341

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          Thanks mgenois,
          I forgot Le St-Crème on Ste-Anne street just at the corner of Trésor street, an ice cream shop to die for and nice homemade sandwiches.

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            Bien merci. We are off this week and can't wait. Much appreciate all replies

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              For Coffee try,
              Brulerie St Roch, 375, Rue Saint-Joseph Est, city centre, just below the Old town
              or Brulerie Tatum, 1084 Rue Saint-Jean, across from Paillard within the Old Walls