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Apr 6, 2010 07:52 PM

Chowhound lunch at Troy, Michigan's "Thai Taste Restaurant?" (initial announcement)

In follow up to the esteemed Boagman posting, "Detroit area Thai restaurants that set themselves apart," I propose, and can arrange (based on respondent input), a custom menu lunch at Troy's "Thai Taste Restaurant," for Saturday, May 1st at 12:30pm.

If interested, please reply to V V L L Y Y @ (there are NO spaces in that email address).

Do confirm the suitability of the date/time for you, or suggest an alternate (I'll do my best). Also, state your general dish* / meat / spiciness preferences, the number of guests who may attend with you, and the preliminary probability of your attendance (70%, 95%). I would imagine that a group smaller than four, or larger than twelve, could be problematic. *you don't need to restrict yourself to the published menu, but do try to keep to the authentic, i.e., no "Siam style Nachos" or "Bangkok Prime Rib."

Unless very necessary, please reply to the above email address, rather than replying on this board to my posting. If you wish, feel free to email me without mentioning your board username. Finally, if you happen to dine at Thai Taste (5063 Livernois) in the meanwhile, please don't mention this event/board.

Thanks, hope to catch you there!

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  1. If we need any place to discuss this off can post at the events section over at my site.

    I finally have a designer getting the logo and other design work done....been way too long...I really want to get the site off the ground....just need to get some cash together for the right web developer and I can get a few of the micro projects done before I let the site go fully public.

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      Thank you. I'll monitor any emails I receive, and then summarize their substance on the bitingthehand discussion board (maintaining emailers' confidentiality---I won't post names, ph #s or email addresses given me), so as to combine the two information streams. This way, decisions about the get together can be arrived at publically, rather than in the black box that is my private email. Next time, I'll just use the discussion board, from the get-go. Thanks again. Nice site, so far.