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Where to find duck breasts in Calgary?

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Does anyone know where I can find fresh or frozen (if I have to) duck breasts in Calgary? I haven't seen any at the spots I frequent and Second to None Meats only had 4 packs of frozen breasts (they were all out).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. kcin:

    This may not be of terrific assistance since I am in Edmonton but I saw some nice frozen Brome Lake duck breasts in the freezer at my local Save On Foods on Sunday.

    Given corporate practices I would give them a call if you have one close by.

    1. I bought some frozen duck breasts at the Calgary Farmer's Market this past weekend. I think they were from the meat stand across from the Cuban and Greek food booths.

      Also in the past I've bought frozen duck breasts and legs at Mise en Place and T&T. The leg at Mise en Place was already seasoned. I haven't seen fresh duck so would be interested to hear if you do find them.

      222 Osborne St, Winnipeg, MB R3L, CA

      1. Have you tried Sunterra? They have them listed in their website. No word on if they're fresh or frozen.

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          Bite and L'Epicerie both carry fresh Rougie duck breasts which is the best IMHO. Co-op carries frozen Brome Lake, as do many other places.

          1325 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5L1, CA

        2. Bite in Inglewood also carries fresh Rougie duck breasts out of Quebec. They're awesome.

          1. Also available at BonTon Meats in the freezer section. I've seen them at Sobeys before too, but not lately. Too bad, because they were much cheaper than Bon Ton's.

            1. I looked far and wide for fresh duck in Calgary in December to make turducken and found none. There is plenty of frozen duck at most grocery stores, though not all carry breasts only.
              Chinook Edge at Crossroads said "sure we can order fresh duck for you", so I ordered and went back a week later to pick up and they were thawing out two frozen ducks, maintaining that they were "fresh BC duck". What a load of #$%$#$%@!!!
              When I asked why they were so cold and frozen in the inside-only the skin was thawed-they had the temerity to tell me that they "temped" the ducks. I asked what "temped" was and she again said "temped"
              I was in a bind by then, so I told her she was a liar about a half a dozen times, took them, paying $20 apiece which the woman made sound like highway robbery, not their "usual" $22 per duck.
              To add injury to the entire insulting process, when I got home and unpacked the ducks, I discovered that they were utility grade!!!
              I'll not be returning to Chinook Edge. Next time I'll just buy frozen for about $12 at Superstore.

              1. Noble Duck, Is a Southern Alberta all natural duck farm. They sell mainly to restaurants, but I would certainly call them and inquire directly or call Galimax Trading (a Lethbridge distributor for Noble Duck) and inquire as to who sells their duck retail.

                Possible Fresh Kitchen.

                If you keep it local I am sure you will get fresh, not frozen duck!

                1. Co-op Midtown sells frozen breasts from, I believe, either Brome or Valbella. I buy them regularly there. Sunterra should have them vacuum packed, as does, usually, Janice Beaton (tho, at Ms. Beaton's the price can be, well, less than reasonable).

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                    Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll give it a shot. I've never seen duck breasts at the Coop Midtown but I'll try it.

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                      They're in a counter-intuitive spot: in the meat freezer sandwiched between various stock bones and offal, near the dairy products. A staff member should be able to help you find them.