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Apr 6, 2010 07:27 PM

Camino's Got Your Goat

This month's Monday menus at Camino feature goat (except for April 19 when they are having a Soul Food Farm event). Last night's menu, pictured, was delightful.

The first course was an artichoke salad with lots of olive oil, some nutty garbanzo beans, and thin slivers of lemon rind. It came with a "flatbread" that was very thin and crisp. like a cracker. I loved it, although it was so simple that I can't really figure out what made it so good.

The main plate had several small ribs, a few slices of shoulder and a chunk or two of loin. The shoulder and loin were a bright pink and only mildly goaty; the ribs were cooked to a brown crisp on the outside, and somewhat greasy between the little rib bones. They served the meat with rather chewy farro, and some braised greens, and yogurt. The plate had a nice contrast of textures, and a forkful of meat and greens swirled in a bit of yogurt was great.

Last course was a very cold grapefruit sorbet made with sparkling wine. The wine flavor was apparent, but not the bubbles. A few slices of candied grapefruit peel came with it. They served me similar chunks of peel a few weeks ago with chocolate, and I liked that pairing better because although both were bitter they offered more flavor contrast than the peel and sorbet.

Goat Monday seems unlikely to be as popular as Paella Monday was in January, or even Sauerkraut Monday in February. Lots of empty tables last night, and the waiter seemed surprised and pleased when we ordered the goat menu without hesitating. I, however, may go back, just because a good goat is hard to find.

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    1. Do you know where they get their goat?

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      1. re: lexdevil

        The email announcement says, "featuring Bob Cannard's goats."

        1. re: ourswimmer

          Glad we went tonight.

          Salad - a nice leaves w/radish and lemon/anchovy dressing.

          Main - goat a few ways - very mild flavor, really tasty. Leg, grilled loin, and ragu. With artichokes. Yums

          Dessert - "candy plate." Dessert didn't work for me at all. A sesame crunch - wasn't bad. A toasted pudding. Meh. Candied orange peel - wasn't bad. Overall, dessert was disappointing.

          The butter was great. Really.

          1. re: lmnopm

            Inspired by Ourswimmer, we also were at the Apr 12 dinner. It was our first time at Camino and our first time with goat. The salad was great, as was the goat, polenta, and artichokes. Like Imnopm I would have preferred a more dessert-like dessert vs. the candy and the rather bland mastika pudding.

            Warning for some. The portions were--not small, exactly--but certainly light. If one were a very heavy eater it wouldn't have been quite enough.

            For the record, the official menu was:

            Endive and radish salad with anchovy and lemon.
            GOAT leg à la ficelle, grilled GOAT loin and slow-cooked GOAT ragù, with artichokes, capers and white polenta.
            Burnt mastika pudding, candied pomelo peel and sesame candy.