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Jun 4, 2005 07:55 PM

Food/beverages invented in Los Angeles

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A friend from out of town is coming to visit, and I got to thinking about food and beverages that are uniquely Angeleno in that they were invented here.

There's the french dipped sandwich, which was supposedly invented at Phillipe's.

But what else?

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  1. the california roll, and "inventive" sushi, generally.


    1. The Cobb Salad.

      1. Fortune cookie
        Cobb salad
        Cheeseburger (?)
        Hot fudge sundae
        Shirley Temple

          1. re: Mealcentric

            not sure if MC is serious, but he's right: nouvelle pizza has l.a. roots--think spago.

            for that matter, "fusion" cuisine generally can be said to have been invented here. and if you want to push just a little further, "nouvelle" cuisine, too.


            1. re: Mealcentric

              I'd head to Caioti to experience the start of that craze. That or Spago. Only to CPK if I also wanted a hot fudge sundae.

              1. re: Mealcentric

                Oh god, I wouldn't let my out of towner friends even know about this place. It's a disgrace, really.

              2. Legend has it the Apple Martini was invented by Lola's Restaurant on Fairfax.