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Apr 6, 2010 06:10 PM

Authentic Mexican food in Union County?

Ok, so I'm dying here. I recently moved from Tucson, AZ to Linden, NJ (don't ask) and I MISS Mexican food! I'm used to "Sonoran" style Mexican food, but I'll take anything! I'm a big fan of New Mexico style Mexican too. Please could anyone recommend a place in the area? Carne Asada burros anyone!

OH! On a side note, anyone know where I can find New Mexico red/green chile (


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  1. There is a slew of Mexican, Central and South American places in downtown Plainfield, mostly clustered on and around Watchung Avenue. There's more on Somerset Street in North Plainfield (Somerset County). I've never been to any of them, though. One relatively recent addition is on Watchung, between Front Street and the North Plaified border in what used to be a Vietnamese restaurant. Big sign that says Mexican home cooking or something like that.

    In today's (4/6) Star-Ledger, Brooke Tarabour gave a glowing review of El Taco Loco on State Street in Perth Amboy. Sounds incredible. Not Union County, but not too far to drive.

    El Taco Loco
    308 State St, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

    1. ejoffe: If you find it - I'll be there. give me just one good New Mexico style anywhere in NJ or even NY city.

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        Not sure about New Mexico style but LOTS of choices in NYC, if you are willing to travel there. Hell's Kitchen is incredible.

      2. Picante on Morris Avenue in Springfield.

        1. Jose's Mexican Cantina
          24 South St New Providence, NJ 7974
          This place is the best I've found around here.
          They're very authentic and are my go to for mex.

          Jose's Mexican Cantina
          24 South St, New Providence, NJ 07974