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Apr 6, 2010 04:55 PM

Fleur de Lys tastings - do I have to get a dessert?

Will be visiting napa/SF in August for our honeymoon and I really want to try this place. On the menu they offer 3-, 4-, and 5-course tastings. Could I pick 2 appetizers and an entree, or an appetizer and 2 entrees? Or must one of the courses be a dessert? Thanks for any help, I've looked online a lot but haven't found an answer. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Most places have a cheese course you can do in lieu of dessert, but honestly just call and ask. They will give you the most accurate answer.

    1. They will substitute out anything you want; if you state up front you are not a dessert person, I imagine -- as jsaimd said -- that they will offer a cheese course instead (if not in inclusion). No restaurant offering multi-courses MAKES you eat what you don't want, especially on the caliber of Fleur de Lys.

      1. If I remember correctly, one of the courses is a cheese plate, so another one for dessert would be redundant. But like others have said, when you make a reservation simply state that you don't eat desserts and they'll probably substitute in an appetizer earlier on, perhaps something they've prepared for the vegetarian menu (I'm just guessing here). They have to accommodate vegetarians, lactose in tolerant folks, diabetics, etc. so they'll be happy to figure something out.

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          Thanks for all of the suggestions - I'll make sure to mention my preference when I make the reservation.