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Apr 6, 2010 04:44 PM

Ideas for using leftovers from standing rib roast?

What are some ideas for using leftover rib roast? The meat is quite rare so maybe could do something that requires a bit of cooking?

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  1. Had the same problem last night. I made taco's you could also do Frenchdip Sandwich. or toss it in a salad

    1. A scrumptious beef pot pie-use Ina Garten's recipe but sub the beef for the chicken. adam

      1. Creamy beef & potato soup; potato hash w/beef; shredded or chopped BBQ beef sandwiches; Asian orange sesame beef salad; beef stir fry...

        1. Wow - some great ideas. Think I will start with the French dip sandwich and then the pot pie. I would like to do the Asian sesame beef salad but I don't have a recipe. Do you have a recipe you would be willing to share? Thanks for the great ideas.

          1. Make a sauce of 3 Tbs. soy sauce (mushroom soy from the Asian market's the best), 3 Tbs. dark amber sesame oil, and 3 Tbs. of white vinegar (no need for rice wine nor exotic vinegar). I add a Tbs. of lime juice and a tsp. of sugar. Add some chopped scallions and a little ginger. Add white pepper, chili pepper and smashed garlic to taste. You may want to extend this dressing with a few Tbs. of olive oil.

            For Thai beef salad, make a salad of watercress, chopped tomato, chopped cucumber and diced shallot. Marinate the beef in the dressing for an hour or so and combine with the salad.