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Apr 6, 2010 04:42 PM

New Peruvian Restaurant on Central Ave, Yonkers?

Driving down Rte. 100 last week we passed the shopping center with Staples and Outback,. I noticed a banner on the fence along 100 about a new Peruvian Restaurant opening soon. I assume it will be where the chinese place was. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. where is there a staples and outback together? Is this westchester?

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    1. re: yeshana

      In Yonkers, near the library, on the Wendy's/ Raymor Flannigan side, before the Taconic/BRP

      1. re: theAVE

        She means before the exit for the Sprain going North. It is just North of Tuckahoe Road.

        1. re: rolise

          Oh, on Central Ave. Never, ever, heard anyone in Yonkers or lower Westchester ever call it Rt. 100. That's the shopping center on the south bound side of Central Ave, just south of High Ridge Plaza. I'll keep an eye on it and post.

          1. re: JMF

            I don't know why I called it Rte 100 instead of Central Ave. Must have been having a brain freeze.

    2. I know the sign's been up for a while, but will try it when it opens. Good riddance too, that chinese place was atrocious.

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      1. re: broosewee

        I never went to the chinese place but we did kind of like it when it was a buffet japanese sushi place. the sushi was okay and a great deal for the price. My ds loves sushi and he is one costly 9 yo to take out to dinner nowadays. I am hoping that the Peruvian place is good as we need someplace else to eat.

      2. The restaurant is called Viru and had a soft opening two nights ago. They are open for dinner, and by the end of next week they will be open for lunch as well. I stopped by today at lunchtime, because I saw the big OPEN sign, but they just aren't ready to handle lunch yet. I will head there for dinner tonight and report back.

        I'm very excited because it looks like they will be doing fine Peruvian cuisine. I have a copy of the menu and they have quite a few items that I have never seen in a Peruvian restaurant in the US.

        One is an app of chicken hearts: Anticucho de Curazon de Pollo Criollo- chicken heart brochettes marinated in a spicy sauce, served with grilled yucca, cusco corn, and ocopa (peanut sauce.) Other interesting sounding apps are Parmesan Clams, grilled octopus, lobster, and Causa Solterito (potato cakes with key lime juice and either shrimp, octopus, or crab) There are seven types of ceviche, each sounding better than the one before, rotisserie chicken, which I think the Peruvians do better than any other cuisine, they have a lot of the typical Peruvian dishes, as well as seafood dishes, and chef's specials.

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        1. re: JMF

          The flavors are great, they need to work out some minor things in the kitchen, great ceviche, and their wonderful soups are a meal all by themselves. I'm looking forward to watching them pull this together and taking off.

          1. re: JMF

            How does Viru compare to the Peruvian places in Port Chester?

            1. re: pabboy

              A bit more upscale. I never thought any of the places in Portchester were that good, and I've been going there for decades for Peruvian. I never had a meal there at any of the places where I walked out and said it was great. It was always just ok, or good.

              1. re: JMF

                Also wonder if they do take out (like for Rotisserie chickens). Anyone notice the supermarket chickens are just terrible around here?

                  1. re: jcmods

                    I'm a real foodie and unbelievably, the very best rotisserie chickens I've found (and many of my foodie friends will concur) are in COSTCO in Yonkers. Big, juicy with nicely browned skin and under $5!!! They're ready after 11AM and people line up waiting for them to be put out.

                    1. re: JoanieBalonie

                      These days I think Key Food in Fleetwood has a good rotisserie chicken. Certainly the best one near me.

                      1. re: jcmods

                        But is it Peruvian? (I mean, in culinary style)

                        1. re: sagalat

                          Of course not. It's got the culinary style of Costco. Less flavor than Boston Market for 1/2 the price.

                          1. re: pabboy

                            Better to eat out seldom, but to stint on nothing, than to economize: No restaurant is "economical"; it's about something else, I think

                          2. re: sagalat

                            Definitely not. Never had Costco, but it is better than the prepackaged perdue stuff that is all over this area. Just sayin. It's pretty tasty for a supermarket chicken and doesn't taste "old.'

                        2. re: JoanieBalonie

                          Costco chicken is great if you like the texture of mush.

                      2. re: JMF

                        How about Hector's Village Cafe Luncheonette in Mamaroneck?

                    2. re: JMF

                      I saw that a couple weeks ago when i went to the Indian Grocer in the same shopping center. I'm really excited to try them and glad to hear that they are open.
                      @ jcmods - the only really good rotisserie chicken around here is at Costco...

                      1. re: SweetPea914

                        Hi SweetPea914: Didn't get down the page to see your comment about the Costco chickens until after I posted the exact same comment. Great minds (and tummies) think alike.

                      2. re: JMF

                        Does anyone know if they're serving WINE yet?

                        1. re: sagalat

                          They have a liquor license, I know they serve beer, not sure about wine. But probably, not serving alcohol yet since they haven't built a bar.

                        2. re: JMF

                          Did you notice if they're serving wine yet?

                          1. re: sagalat

                            We were there a couple of weeks ago and really liked the food. And yes, they're serving wine.

                        3. re: JMF

                          Would you mind posting the menu? I cannot find a phone number for Viru and a website isn't available yet. Sounds very interesting since we have never tried Peruvian cuisine.

                        4. Had dinner there on Friday night with the family. We are not experts at Peru's foods but had a really fine dinner for 4 that without dessert & coffee (too full to bother) at just under $100. Stylish looking place, nice china and good service. Food was interesting, really good, and right sized and priced. We are going back and the office is planning a lunch outing as soon as they are up and ready for lunches.

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                          1. Sadly after several visits over several months I find the food to be uneven, mostly mediocre, and on two occasions inedible. The staff are still inexperienced, and still not knowledgeable on the cuisine. I disregarded this the first month or two, but after that it is inexcusable. Also on multiple occasions they brought me the wrong item.

                          2. The original comment has been removed