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Apr 6, 2010 01:58 PM

Restaurants like Les Papilles in terms of food + price

Hi all,
I've found it easy enough to find 'best of' lists for bread, pastries, and chocolate in Paris, but I'm having a harder time with restaurants in my specific category of delicious+affordable.
What I'm looking for: prix fix in range of 30 to 40 euros, or an affordable a la carte, preferably with a cozy or traditional atmosphere. I'm an Amsterdammer by way of New York, so with plenty of delicious 'ethnic' food already, I'm looking for something uniquely French/Parisian. No caveats... I'm normally a vegetarian but an enthusiastic cheese+meat+foie gras eater when I travel, and my friend and I are willing to travel a decent distance for good food.
Both Mark Bittman and David Lebovitz recommend Les Papilles. It looks perfect for my tastes and price range, and I'm wondering if there's any similar, well-recommended place out there to pad out my remaining two nights in Paris?
(If it helps, I'm a twenty something grad student who periodically likes to pretend that some day, I will not be deeply in debt for my education.)
Many thanks!

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  1. With Papilles ambiance - hummmm - l'Agrume, Frenchie, Petits Plats, Bigarrade, Le P’tit Caillou, Chez Grenouille, Le Troquet? All spoken about well here and well-respected by meself.

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      Wow, this list is absolutely spot-on. I'll report back in a few days!

      1. re: sufunsified

        John nailed two of the best in town... and Christine over at the NY Times Magazine included them too in this great article on the rising star chefs (not prices) in Paris:

        1. re: WendyLyn

          I was lucky to get reservations for l'Agrume... it was absolutely fantastic! One of the best nights of my life. Thanks John!