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Apr 6, 2010 01:30 PM

Ideas for goat cheese

Any suggestions or easy use recipes for some soft goat cheese from TJs that I have in the frig. My somewhat picky eater family is reluctant to try it. Also, where do you find the crumbly goat cheese, all I seem to find is the stuff with the cream cheese consistency.

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  1. Stuff it inside turkey meatloaf with some spinach and sundried tomatoes. Make your meat loaf and put 1/2 in the loaf pan. Make a crater down the center. Mix up the cheese, frozen spinach, sd tomatoes and press into the crater. Top with the rest of the meat. Yummy turkey meat loaf with a surprise center.

    Or just mash it up with some cream cheese, sd tomato, parsley and garlic. Warm it a little and serve with crackers.

    1. I make delicious spinach chickpea patties that go perfectly with TJs goat cheese. Insanely good.

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        Recipe please? Sounds intriguing (and I've got some goat cheese in the fridge that I've been trying to use up)>

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          Oh my! Yes please! My kids love chickpeas so anything I can add them too gets eaten up.

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            It's adapted from Gil Marks' Olive Trees and Honey. Basically, saute onion and garlic, steam spinach, then combine both with bread crumbs or matza meal, an egg, chickpeas, salt and pepper. Either bake or fry. Beyond delicious!!

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              Dumb question noya - do you mash the chic peas up or keep whole?

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            I'm going to try the chickpea patties they sound so good. I make a white kidney bean feta and spinach patties. So the chickpea ones sound delish.
            A good idea for goat cheese that I love is,meatballs with dried cranberries in the meat mixture and a little dollop of goat cheese in the middle so good. I use pork and beef but its really good with ground turkey too.

          3. Spinach and strawberry salad w/ crumbled goat cheese and pecans. Toss with a sweeten balsamic vinaigrette.

            1. I've made fantastic meatballs (combo of veal, pork, lamb) stuffed with goat cheese and cooked in a crushed tomato sauce. Amazingly delicious, the goat cheese is a perfect fit but the other flavors are strong enough that it isn't overpowering.

              1. ChristinaMason posted a great sounding recipe for a goat cheese buttermilk salad dressing on the What's for Dinner XXV thread. Sounds fab!

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