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Ideas for goat cheese

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Any suggestions or easy use recipes for some soft goat cheese from TJs that I have in the frig. My somewhat picky eater family is reluctant to try it. Also, where do you find the crumbly goat cheese, all I seem to find is the stuff with the cream cheese consistency.

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  1. Stuff it inside turkey meatloaf with some spinach and sundried tomatoes. Make your meat loaf and put 1/2 in the loaf pan. Make a crater down the center. Mix up the cheese, frozen spinach, sd tomatoes and press into the crater. Top with the rest of the meat. Yummy turkey meat loaf with a surprise center.

    Or just mash it up with some cream cheese, sd tomato, parsley and garlic. Warm it a little and serve with crackers.

    1. I make delicious spinach chickpea patties that go perfectly with TJs goat cheese. Insanely good.

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        Recipe please? Sounds intriguing (and I've got some goat cheese in the fridge that I've been trying to use up)>

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          Oh my! Yes please! My kids love chickpeas so anything I can add them too gets eaten up.

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            It's adapted from Gil Marks' Olive Trees and Honey. Basically, saute onion and garlic, steam spinach, then combine both with bread crumbs or matza meal, an egg, chickpeas, salt and pepper. Either bake or fry. Beyond delicious!!

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              Dumb question noya - do you mash the chic peas up or keep whole?

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            I'm going to try the chickpea patties they sound so good. I make a white kidney bean feta and spinach patties. So the chickpea ones sound delish.
            A good idea for goat cheese that I love is,meatballs with dried cranberries in the meat mixture and a little dollop of goat cheese in the middle so good. I use pork and beef but its really good with ground turkey too.

          3. Spinach and strawberry salad w/ crumbled goat cheese and pecans. Toss with a sweeten balsamic vinaigrette.

            1. I've made fantastic meatballs (combo of veal, pork, lamb) stuffed with goat cheese and cooked in a crushed tomato sauce. Amazingly delicious, the goat cheese is a perfect fit but the other flavors are strong enough that it isn't overpowering.

              1. ChristinaMason posted a great sounding recipe for a goat cheese buttermilk salad dressing on the What's for Dinner XXV thread. Sounds fab!

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                1. mix in scrambled eggs, add to hot pasta.
                  I love sauteing a chicken paillard, then removing from pan & squeezing a lemon over, deglaze pan with white wine or broth & swirl in a couple tbs. goat cheese--makes a nice creamy sauce.

                  1. it's nice in quiche. I also like a warm goats cheese salad. Use spinach and other salad greens, toast an English muffin half, or piece of toast (then cut to size), microwave piece of goat's cheese for a few seconds until warm on the toast, then place on salad with your favorite dressing, along with beets, sunflower seeds, and anything else you like.

                    1. Goat cheese is great in mashed potatoes.

                      1. Slice it, dip it in egg, roll it in bread crumbs, fry in the pan. Then drizzle with balsamic, or lay on top of a salad.

                        Also, you could mix it up with honey and spread it on toast or crackers.

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                          Instead of frying, you can broil. Same taste, no added fat, and less cleanup

                        2. it excellent as a layered spread and pretty with sundried tomatoes as a layer and pesto as another layer - looks like this (although mine is a bit simpler):

                          Also, I just did a stuffed flank steak that was fantastic with a cheese, spinach, roasted red peppers, bacon and red onion stuffing - looked just like this one:

                          I think those same ingrediants would be wonderful wrapped in puff pastry or phyllo doough too

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                            2 easy things I did just yesterday.... Stuffed goat cheese and caramelized onion inside burgers and grilled on a brioche bun. One embarassingly simple treat....Goat Cheese and Fig Preserves on a Ritz. Salty/Sweet/Creamy/Sublime. :)

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                              i second this. I did a spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken burger with caramelized onions on top. It was delicious.
                              Or just put goat cheese with scrambled eggs, or spread it on sandwiches in place of a slice of cheese from the deli

                          2. If you partially freeze your creamy goat cheese, you can crumble it with a fork. This is what I do before sprinkling on a pizza crust, adding sun dried tomato and garlic and onion and baking. Moz on top is optional.

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                              Friends served an amazing goat cheese gelato the other night. We lapped it up.

                            2. Baked into a buttery bun, it's like heaven!

                              I was at a cheese shop and the owner handed me a piece of their new recipe created by their in house chef and it was EXQUISITE!

                              I want to re create it myself! It was in the centre, but kind of melted.

                              1. Thanks for the tips, all, guess I have to just stop worrying and use it.

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                                  thought of another favorite use: super simple sandwich. I use either fresh or toasted grainy bread, slather liberally with goat cheese, drizzle with olive oil, then top with Israeli/Persian cucumbers. Delish!

                                2. Great atop a grilled romaine salad.

                                  1. There have been several discussions on this topic. Here's a ginger-chevre tart recipe I posed a while back in one of them:


                                    1. Goat cheese grits are heavenly. Stir it (and maybe some raw spinach leaves) into the grits right before you remove them from the heat.

                                      Also great: Green bean salad with halved grape or cherry tomatoes, black olives, raw garlic, fresh thyme, vinaigrette, and little hunks of goat cheese. Blanch and then shock the beans in ice water before mixing them in with all the other stuff.

                                      1. Crumbly goat cheese can be found in the produce section at Whole Foods.

                                        As for goat cheese - perhaps small discs of the cheese that you dip in egg, coat in panko bread crumbs and bake. Recipes abound. Also great in meatloaf with a roasted red pepper relish on top.

                                        it's a good "stuffing" mixed with thawed chopped spinach. Tuck it into a pocket cut into b/s chicken breasts, and pan saute until browned, then bake with a white wine and lemon sauce.

                                        Mixed into mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, in quiches, as a topping with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers on pizza.

                                        I love goat cheese. :-)

                                        1. Lots of great ways to enjoy goat cheese here. I've been experimenting with Alouette's Chavrie flavored goat cheeses. They can really make the traditional uses of goat cheese new and gives you a new flavor profile for many dishes. Try it out.

                                          1. makes a great cheesecake or ice cream!

                                            Also nice as a quick dressing for pasta - pairs with butternut squash, sundried tomatoes, etc.

                                            Poblano, chevre and mango quesadillas...

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                                              I have been really eager to try goat cheese in cheesecake, because it is possible to find a lactose free version of goat cheese. However, I'm concerned that even the creamier goat cheeses will be a bit too dry/crumbly for cheesecake without adding sour cream, which would negate the lactose free benefit (of note, I do not bake with soy or corn, so sour cream substitutes are out).

                                              Jsaimd, do you have any advice or a tried-and-true recipe for a goat cheese cheesecake? I would love to make it for someone who has been lactose intolerant for 30 years and really misses cheesecake. Thanks in advance!

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                                                I have had great results with a cashew based cheesecake filling and made this one before:
                                                You could add the goat cheese if you want that flavor and swap in a traditional crust (the crust in the recipe is amazing tho)
                                                Cashew cream is an excellent non dairy cream substitute- just soaked raw cashews a few hours, drain, blend with water to the thickness you want.

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                                                  Thank you, Trockwood. I have this recipe bookmarked and may try it at some point.

                                                  I'm really looking for something is made up primarily of the goat cheese, but this may work in the meantime.

                                            2. I was gifted a kilo log of it awhile ago, and I'm trying to get to the end of it before it gets to the end of its useful life. I've done some neat stuff with it in the last couple days.

                                              Wednesday it was raining and I was bored, so I made pantry ravioli with whatever was around, which happened to be goat cheese, red lentils, caramelized onions, cumin and coriander. Was great.

                                              Just now I made something inspired by this: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives...
                                              though I did change the proportions somewhat, and added some flour... and fresh berries sure aren't in season here... it was damn delicious. I think I might try it again tomorrow night.

                                              I'm dying to try the chickpea patties that were mentioned, too. And that meatloaf.

                                              It's spectacular on pizza, too; in salad; stuff chicken with it; oh man. Goat cheese is great stuff.

                                              1. One of my favorite indulgent snacks (or an easy appetizer) is to stuff a fig (fresh if possible, but dried will work in a pinch) with goat cheese and wrap it up with prosciutto. If you pop it under the broiler for just a short bit, the goat cheese gets a little oozy and the prosciutto starts to crisp a little bit, but I usually don't have the patients for that.

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                                                  Salty, tangy and sweet - how can you go wrong? ;-)

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                                                    Since he's too busy or modest, here's the recipe:


                                                    It's listed in my profile as one of my go-to dishes. Ooh whee, it's good.

                                                  2. We make a mousse out of it with a touch of cream and some snipped chives. Pipe it into fricos for apps.

                                                    1. Saute pieces of chicken, then saute onion, garlic baby, spinach add some lemon juice and mix the chicken in. If you have some left over rice, add some in or make some and put chicken mixture over it.

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                                                        Ummm....jnk - where's the goat cheese? ;-)

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                                                          So, three years later........crumble goat cheese into the spinach/chicken mixture. Three years later and it's still delicious! UGH!

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                                                            ROFL!!! But hey - you came back! You came back!

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                                                              But what are you doing to that baby? !!!

                                                        2. Crostini. Spread goat cheese on sweet french baguette slices, then fig jam on top. Add diced prosciutto and sugared/chopped pecans.

                                                          1. A few ideas I thought of.

                                                            Spread it on a bagel or on the bread of a sandwich.
                                                            Make goat cheese ravioli
                                                            Add it to Lasagna
                                                            Stuffed mushrooms
                                                            Make a dip out of it
                                                            Stuff pimento olives for martinis
                                                            Use it to stuff jalopeno poppers