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Apr 6, 2010 01:11 PM

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

Does anyone know of any local/non-big chain pizza places that DELIVERS pizza just outside the beltway in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area? ("Delivery" being key!)

This request excludes places like Domino's, Papajohn's, etc.

I have tried Manny & Olga's -- there pizza is just not that good.

Armand's is just okay.

Mama Lucia's & Ledo's -- I love but no delivery by me.

Please help!!!!

Ledo Restaurant
4509 Knox Road, College Park, MD 20740

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  1. Try Kensington Pizza and Kebob. It's pretty good! And, they also deliver Persian food (although, I like their pizza better than the other food...)

    1. Flippin' Pizza is very solid standard pizza. I usually pick up (they'll bring it out to your car if you can't find parking on Colesville).

      I've heard that there are long waits for delivery but the pies are great.

      1. Have you tried ZPizza? They have a limited delivery area but the driver previously told me she would come out by me near the beltway if they weren't busy. And their pizza is our favorite chain pizza.

        1. I don't know if they'll deliver out to you, but I always rely on Sole D'Italia out on layhill, it's very tasty and quick.

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            Sole D'Italia: I've ordered from them a few times (pick up) and have found it to be pretty good. NOT great but better than most around here.

            I just saw Flippin PIzza today (on my way to lunch on dim sum at Oriental East) and am going to try their pies.

            I'm having one heckuva time finding good pizza; I like a thinnish crust and flavorful sauce (something with some spices in it that I can see and taste). How is it that there isn't a pizza place that easily stands out as the go to place?

            Oriental East
            1312 E West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910

          2. Flippin' has great "regular" pizza (strange how we now have to call it "regular" pizza... First World problem). I know they deliver but always pick it up so don't know anything about the actual delivery process.

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            1. re: kriscolby

              ZERO stars: I tried this place last night with high hopes for a good pizza. First clue: when I called to place the order the person answering the phone seemed to be incredibly high, didn't even say the name of the establishment when she answered and she was not able to spell my name (even when I spelled it SLOWLY) . BUT that has NOTHING to do with the taste or quality of food, right? So I ordered, we drove to pick up. Arrivived for pu: the restaurant was dead but yet the person behind the counter (I think the same girl) wasn't sure where our pizza was or what we ordered. It took her a few minutes to figure it out. Okay, so the service is terrible, but hope lived on ..

              Pizza: TERRIBLE. While there was some spice in the sauce, the spice was nothing more than lots of red pepper, so there was some heat but zero flavor. The crust was ridiculously chewy and flavorless. If I'm going to splurge on carbs and calories, I want it to be worth it. My friend ordered the garlic knots, WASTE. Knots of flavorless dough served with a side of red sauce flavored with, you guessed it, nothing but pepper. I don't know how this place has survived much less received such high reviews. IF you KNOW ZERO about pizza and have nothing to compare this place to, maybe just maybe you'd order from this place a second time. Anyone else who has even a scintilla of pizza sense will know after one try, stay away from this place. They deserve to NOT be around.

              Flippin Pizza
              6544 Little River Tpke, Alexandria, VA 22312