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Apr 6, 2010 12:20 PM

Recommend me meat markets/delis/supermarkets (Tampa)

I go to U Tampa and have been trying to find some local markets around here.

1. As far as groceries and meat/cheese, is Whole Foods or Publix Greenwise more expensive? Or are places like Fresh Market better than both?

2. For some strange reason I feel like getting meat at local markets. So far, I've been to Castellano & Pizzo, MD Oriental Market, and Oceanic. Anyone's whose gotten meat/seafood, from these places, would you recommend them for quality/price over say Publix etc? And also, do you know any other places within Tampa that sell meat?

(I plan on checking out Cacciatore & Sons on Armenia too)

Typically, I buy chicken (tenderloins, breasts, etc) and sometimes pork, but not steaks. I also buy vegetables a lot too, mainly from Oceanic and MD.

3. Can anyone recommend good Sicilian style pizza?

4. I know chains aren't always good but has anyone had steak from Sam Seltzer?

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  1. 1- All three are expensive, I like WF, then Publix GW, then FM.
    2- Oceanic is probably the cheapest, Cox seafood on Dale Mabry is probably the best
    3- nope but I want to know
    4- once was enough, not going back there any time soon.

    1. 1. See Dr. Todd's reply
      2. You could also try Robert's on westshore and Mazarro's in St. Pete. I have heard good things about land and sea. As for seafood I.C. Sharks right over the Howard Franklin is very good to (so is Cox's)
      3. I've got nothing. Seems like we used to get it somewhere when I was kid. That's zero help to you. Sorry.
      4. No.

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      1. re: Old E.

        As far as #3 goes, here's how I look at it....

        Sicilian (thick puffy crust) almost never comes thru...
        The cheese ratio is off, the moisture ratio is off, and the toppings almost never compensate for, and balance, all that bland low-salt crust and dough...

        So for 'thick-ass' pizza I go Chicago...
        I haven't been to Cappy's yet, but the big ham, pepperoni, & sawrsage, stuffed pizza at Giordano's on Dale Mabry BLOWS MY MIND!

        1. re: Mild Bill

          I was about to post cappy's then I realized he was talking about sicilian not chicago.

          I need to avoid Giordano's sounds dangerous!

          1. re: Mild Bill

            Ok Bill. We MUST go to Cappys. Seriously.

            1. re: Mild Bill

              I had Giordanos and I could hardly eat 2 "slices". I'm definitely gonna try Cappy's deep dish. The last time I went I forgot that they didn't take credit card.

              1. re: rayzhou

                Cappy's deep dish is the best chicago pizza I've had outside of chicago, no lie. A deep dish Cappy with a hoppy beer would quite likely be my death row meal if I was forced to choose one. That or something from Pane Rustica. Maybe both. Yeah, it'd be both.

                Strange... now I'm hungry...

                1. re: askdrtodd

                  This is great... I find that I like talking about pizza....

                  OK... I'll experience Cappy's, THEN I'll start with my weight-loss reduction plan...

                    1. re: askdrtodd

                      LOL... OK, I'll try to clear a path...

            2. re: Old E.

              ooh I second the Roberts statement, everything I've gotten from there has been delicious, he has the most mind blowing baked beans (yes you read that right) on the planet. Also he'll make you Toddburgers, they're 33% Veal, 33% Sirloin, and 33% Bacon, all ground together. If you ever need to become more popular, show up at a BBQ with those two things.

            3. 3. I thought that Sicilian style was deep dish Chicago style, and I'm originally from the Chicago area, so I guess that I can't give advice on that! Giordano's does a good deep dish pizza, but be sure and get it with the extra garlic and sausage to spice it up. Otherwise, it can be a bit bland at times. Still, it is one of my favorite pizzas in the area and topping amounts are generous.

              4. The verdict on Sam Seltzer's has been pretty universally negative so far (see above), but let me add this. It is a budget steakhouse with an emphasis on quantity over quality. Quality control is pretty inconsistent. I've had some pretty good steaks there and some pretty bad ones (tough, chewy, gristley, etc.) All the beef is going to have been subjected to beaucoupe tenderizer, but that's not always bad. Also, they often do a good job with their lobster tail and the price is right. Just go in there with your eyes open, recognizing that this is a budget place and what you get may be a gamble, but sometimes you win!

              1. 2. Cacciatore bros has good meat in general, but i'm usually miffed that the only spicy italian sausage is frozen.

                land and sea always had good stuff, but i haven't gne in a couple years (i moved away).

                3. for sicilian pizza, scaccatta (sp?), i like La Segunda bakery in Ybor. great party food.
                i've been disappointed with Alessi's lately, so i don't go there for anything.
                Housewife bakery on sligh and armenia have good scaccatta, too.

                1. 1. Generally speaking, I don't think you can say that WF is more expensive than Greenwise, or that Greenwise is more expensive than WF. Overall, prices are the same. I go to those two and also to Fresh Market, and I do that because each of the three will try to rip me off on at least some of the things I need. I have not found a one-size-fits-all solution, but if you could only go to one, I'd recommend Greenwise (it's also closest to U Tampa). Caveat: Cheese counter (and deli meat, for that matter) and its prices suck at Greenwise compared to the other two.

                  2. FWIW, local market doesn't necessarily mean local meat. When I buy meat, I tend to get it from Greenwise. Organic chicken at Greenwise is nice, but expensive. I have never bought meat from Oceanic, but it looks OK. I have bought fish several times from Oceanic and it has always been very good and cheap. For vegetables, I recommend Oceanic for East Asian-type produce you may not be able to get elsewhere. Otherwise, for staples like tomatoes, carrots, cukes, lemons, peppers, etc., I go to Borinquen Grocery on Columbus for really low prices. BUT, what I would recommend over ALL of them -- if you have the time to get up there and the willpower to brave the crowds (my wife usually doesn't) -- is Patel Brothers on Fowler. In addition to South Asian produce, they have just about everything else at prices so low, it's really hard to believe. The selection is incredible, and the quality is always nice. I'd go during the week, because the weekends are a zoo.

                  3. No.

                  4. No.