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Apr 6, 2010 12:13 PM

Going to Amada this week!

We're excited to be going to Amada this week and I must have looked at the menu about a dozen times already. I would enjoy hearing what other have loved there and what's not to miss, thanks.

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  1. I get into a serious case of analysis paralysis when looking over small plate menus. I highly recommend you do one of the tasting menus. Even the cheapest one, $45pp, is lots of high quality food. I think it's great to just relax and let them bring you plate after plate. You can ask for specific dishes if there is something special that you want to try, or ask them to avoid items you don't like or can't eat.

    1. Here are my favorites...

      Grilled octopus
      Clams and chorizo
      Short rib flatbread
      Serrano ham and fig salad

      But the one not to be missed is the pernil asado.

      1. lamb albondigas
        short rib flatbread

        1. Short rib flatbread
          asparagus w/ shirred egg
          serrano / fig salad

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            I vote for the lamb meatballs (Lamb Albondigas) but everything is great!

          2. Short rib flat bread is a must