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Kitty's Restaurant Salad Dressing Recipe [Moved from the Boston board]

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know what the recipe is for Kitty's Restaurant secret house salad dressing? It is one of the most delicious salad dressings I have ever had and would love to know the recipe. It is vinegary and yet it tastes a tad buttery too. I really appreciate the feedback on this recipe.

Thanks - Marco

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    1. re: Taralli

      Hi Taralli,

      No, I didn't ask them because I doubt it is something they would give out.

      Thanks - Marco

    2. Um, err, uhh, where is Kitty's????????????

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      1. re: BBHound

        It's in North Reading, awesome food, incredible dressing

      2. i'd be interested in this too. you can buy it to-go though...

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          yes, I have bought it and it never lasts long in the house :-)

          1. re: Marco2112

            they don't have the ingredients on the label?

            1. re: ipsofatso

              last time i got it they sell it in a plain plastic container, no label.

        2. Hi -
          A friend of mine worked in the kitchen many years ago and he gave me the ingredients but couldn't get the exact emasurements. I've tried for years to replicate Kitty's dressing and I can come sort of close but not exactly. If you can figure out the right proporions of the following, please let me know!

          Apple cider vinegar
          Peanut oil
          Accent flavor enhancer
          White pepper

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          1. re: ccw32

            Hi there, Thanks for this information!! You wouldn't happen to know anything about how they make their meat sauce would you? I think the base is pork and not with too much seasoning. Very unique.......I'd love to know what's in it. Thanks in advance.

            1. re: ccw32

              Hi, CCW would you share the quantities of each ingredient, please? Thanks...

              1. re: pvass

                Well, I've been looking for this myself for years. All I can add is that it seems like White Wine vinegar is also an ingredient, as it adds that crucial tang.

                I'm not sure about the mayo. I've added it, and it makes the mixture LOOK exactly like it should (and it also seems like exactly the kind of thing Kitty's would put in their dressing), but it adds nothing to the taste. It actually takes quite a bit away from the taste. I'm thinking it could be parmesean cheese, but the coloring isn't quite there.

            2. Marco, I too have been searching for that recipe for years. I believe I first tasted it 16 + years ago at a restaurant in Lawrence, Mass, called Station B & N Restaurant & Lounge. It is the best I have ever eaten and would love to be able to make it as I live in MI and cannot go to Kitty's to purchase it. Please let me know if you get any more information about the dressing.
              Thanks - Patti

              1. Did anyone end up getting it?!

                1. I worked there for 20 years and all I know for sure is they put mayonnaise in it and it is delicious!

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                    Good to know!

                    I tried it with Peanut Oil a little while back, like ccw32 suggested, and that is definitely one of the ingredients.

                    Still at a loss for what type of oil is used, or whether it is apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar.