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Apr 6, 2010 11:18 AM

Venetian, this weekend

We're staying at the Venetian this Saturday night and would like to eat at one of the restaurants there. Would love to hear what your favorites are.

Also, do you think Vegas will be super crowded this weekend? End of Spring Break for some?


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    1. re: profberta

      Here is one reason why you may not have had a lot of suggestions so far - you are in one of the very best spots in all of Las Vegas, with the Venetian and Palazzo basically the same hotel. That brings you a lot of quality choices that run most of the culinary spectrum, without having to go much out of your way. A couple of ideas - first, you could take a late afternoon stroll and check the specials boards at the various places (which would also give you a feel for the various vibes); outside of Bouchon, most of the restaurants are very close to each other. Second, because of that proximity, you might consider a multi-venue evening. Perhaps appetizers in one spot; an entree in another; and even a third for dessert. That can be done quite conveniently from your location.

    2. If you're a hound and you feel strongly about a particular chef or restaurant, I suggest making reservations well ahead of time. If you don't care where you eat, then play it by ear when you arrive.

      As far as the crowds this weekend, I don't understand your question. Are you honestly expecting somebody here to foretell the future? If anybody in Las Vegas could accurately predict the future, neither Echelon Place nor the Fountainbleu would be standing in the condition they are.

      PS: I love Delmonico and I hate the Grand Luxe Cafe.

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        Definitely wasn't expecting someone to foretell the future. In the past, people who live in Vegas have been able to tell me if there were conventions in town or if a new show was opening that might attract big crowds. Also, the fact that it's the weekend after Easter, I thought I might get some insight on how that weekend might have played out in the past. That's all.

        1. re: profberta

          You are catching a weekend that should be pretty favorable in terms of the restaurant crowds. Right after the spring break/Easter cycles, and several weeks before the Kentucky Derby (which also does not mean quite what it used to). These days Las Vegas is a more casual place on weekends.

          1. re: profberta

            NAB convention (supposedly 2nd largest convention in Vegas) starts Monday. People are in town early to set up for the show so it might be beginning to be crowded but not as much as Monday, in my experience.

            1. re: profberta

              Maybe it's just me, but I honestly thought most people would be savvy enough to check the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority calendar if one is actively trying to avoid crowds.


              If you haven't yet figured it out, the National Association of Broadcasters convention began today. It is one of the largest conventions of the year and the town is more crowded than usual. If you're not here attending NAB, then the higher than average cost of your hotel room should have been a clue that demand for rooms is up... WAY up, and the town is likely more crowded than usual.

              Since NAB draws a significant number of Asian convention exhibitors and attendees, you may find it wise to stay away from Asian restaurants during the duration of the show. You might find it helpful to make reservations as soon as possible.

              Also, stay away from the area of the Las Vegas Convention Center and try to avoid driving on Paradise Road during daylight hours.

          2. Tons of good food in the Venetian Palazzo, as referenced by others. I went there a couple of months ago for our anniversary, our thoughts were mostly positive -- hotel is lovely, casino was great, and most of all food..... :o)

            We ate at Morel's the first night was strictly mediocre. Had breakfast at the Canyon Ranch Spa/Cafe, which was good (trying to eat healthier to counteract the feasting that was to come). Dos Caminos (mexican) was OK, but nothing special. Zine (chinese/noodles) was NASTY, definitely do not recommend going there at all. As you're in the Venetian I'd make a stop at Bouchon for at least one breakfast, perhaps a lunch or dinner, and then go across the street to the Wynn before Daniel Boulud closes at the end of this month for a nice meal there.

            Have a great time! Crowded or not, better than being stuck at home!

            3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

            Dos Caminos
            3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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            1. re: stomsf

              I agree with your comment about Zine, stomsf.

            2. I would recommend you take a look at the Taste of Wynn menus available at all Wynn and Encore restaurants. They offer a tremendous value at some of the best places in town, if not in the world.