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Apr 6, 2010 11:12 AM

Indian mangoes?

I've been hearing lots of buzz about yummy Indian mangoes (alphonso or kesar)---but have yet to try any. I'm eager to catch this year's season! Any word on when they'll be arriving in the Boston area, and where I can expect to find them? And other useful tips and hints about how to buy, what to look for, reasonable prices? I'm centered in Somerville but am willing to travel.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We found some great ones recently at the little Indian market across from the Somerville Market Basket.

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    1. re: kitsune

      Kitsune, are you referring to Little India Groceries, the shop on the corner of Somerville Ave. and Bow St., just a block away from Market Basket? I went in there, but was told that they don't have any Indian mangoes, only the Haden variety from Mexico.

      I know there is another Indian grocer further down the block on Somerville Ave----is that the one?

      I did see that Whole Foods got a huge shipment of the ataulfo (champagne) mangoes. Not the same, but delicious still.

      1. re: blr26

        Been od'ing on these. Insanely delicious, I agree.

      1. Are those the small yellow mangoes? If so, Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy had them on Saturday.

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        1. re: Tir_na_nOg

          The ones at the Chinese markets are usually the small to medium sized kidney shaped ones. The alphonso are usually a bit rounder, and often with a hint of red. The kidney shaped ones are really popular in the Philippines (anecdotally I always hear of how good these mangoes from the Philippines are), though I'm not sure that is where the actual shipments are from or if they're just cultivated from that type of mango.

        2. Anyone come across alphonso mangoes yet? I checked a couple Waltham Indian markets 2 weeks ago without any luck. Really don't want to miss these as I did l last year and have never tried them

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          1. re: ac106

            The alphonso or kesar mango clearly say on the box "INDIAN MANGO" and they should cost $25-$40 for a box of 10-12 mango. They are sweeter, more buttery, and have this aftertaste nice aroma that lingers in your palate long after you swallow it. Usually Patel Brothers in Waltham will have them first, which was exactly this time last year. Wait until the mid May shipment when these mangoes taste so much better and worthy of its expensive price.

            1. re: joebloe

              Joe: have you seen any of these yet?
              I've been trying to find Kesar pulp in a can too...I thought I saw it an an indian market last year but I can't remember which one :-P

              1. re: Spike

                Kesar is in stock and I am on the way to get them right now. I will report back in an hour.

                1. re: Spike

                  I tried Patel Bros. in Waltham last weekend - no Indian mangoes yet. It was super-busy so I didn't have a chance to ask when they expect to get them, but hopefully soon. I've definitely seen the canned pulp in lots of places but I can't recall where - maybe Christina's spice market in Inman Square? Worth a call, at least.

                  1. re: MichaelB

                    As of 10:30am this morning, Patel Bros has 8 boxes of kesar mangos in stock. The indian grocery a few stores away has 7 boxes of kesar mangos. Yes the kesar is 3x more costly than the mexican but it does taste 3x better so I gladly pay a premium for it.

                2. re: joebloe

                  Since I condsidered the mexican mangoes I picked up at Patel Bros. the best mangoes I have ever eaten, I can't fathom how a mangoe would taste that's 2.5 -4x as better. ;-)

                  1. re: LStaff

                    They (Indian) truly are that much better, and yes the Mexican ones are excellent this time of year.

                    1. re: LStaff

                      The indian ones linger/glow in your mouth...almost like a menthol/mint sensation...
                      Give them a try :-)

                      1. re: Spike

                        I called Patel earlier in the week and were told they they aren't getting alphonsos this year. Can anyone confirm truth and/or reason?

                        Also what do the Kesar look like?

                        1. re: ac106

                          I read there was a drought or storm of some kind that destroyed and reduced alphonso mango production. Last year, alphonso mango was already available at Patel Bros. on April 15. It's already May 14 and there's no sign of them. Kesar mango is so much better anyway so I don't mind

                      2. re: LStaff

                        I'm also in the Indian Mango Cult. They really are THAT good. (And I had the same doubts that they could be that much better than an excellent mexican mango, but I tried them last year and was converted.)

                        Here's my analogy: those lame stringy Tommy Atkins mangos in the supermarkets are like terrible tasteless winter tomatoes; the excellent mexican Ataulfo mangoes are like the best greenhouse tomatoes, the ones you eat in February and think, "hmm, that's pretty good!"; the Indian kesar mangoes are like a big, juicy, perfectly ripe Brandywine tomato in the middle of August. They are An Experience.

                        1. re: MichaelB

                          I just cut open the only two ripe kesar from my three boxes and my seven years old knew what it was and jumped right on it; I was left with the seeds!:( They're so sweet and buttery and juicy and intensely flavored. I can't wait to grab another few boxes next weekend.

                  2. Russo's has alphonse mangoes.