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Apr 6, 2010 10:43 AM

Lots of leftover lamb... what do I make?

Ok so, I have several POUNDS of grilled, boneless lamb leg left over from Easter (we obviously bought WAY too much). I am looking for suggestions for main dish meals using the leftovers... so I won't feel so guilty about the loss of the little lambs life and the loss of mega dollars out of my wallet.

I made a lamb-gyro-like pita sandwich for lunch today, which was good, but does anyone have other suggestions for me? I'm thinking like a casserole or something?

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  1. I really have no recipes to contribute, but I am in the exact same situation as you so I look forward to recipes. So far we've just done two days of lamb sandwiches with cheddar and horseradish sauce!

    I don't see any reason why a lamb breakfast hash wouldn't work. Lamb tacos?

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      how about doing a lamb curry with noodles or rice?

    2. Consider a Shepherds Pie with Lamb and veggies in a casserole with Mashed potato topping. There are lots of recipes out there. Or Try grinding some fine, adding a binder and some seasonings along with crumbs and forming into lamb kabobs on a skewer. Just throwing out some ideas.

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        +1 for the Shepherds pie. Though a curry is also very good with lamb meat!

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          #2 for shepards pie. That's what I am making tomorrow.

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            Though I've given up red meat, I do remember Alton Brown doing a really nice historical show on the origins of shepherd's pie on the Food network years ago...and my Scottish roots just swooned all over it...might still be on youtube but it was great stuff.

      2. Grind or mince it, simmer in tomato sauce with onions and garlic, and use it as the sauce for moussaka or pastitsio.

        Use beef and/or chicken broth, with bite-sized bits of lamb, in making bean soup. My mother made soup with dried lima beans (a.k.a. butter beans), a lamb shank, garlic, onions, carrot, and celery. Although I'd prefer using a shank (gelatin improves the mouth-feel), if I had leftover lamb I'd add it toward the end of making this soup.

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          Lamb curry! My family's favorite meal when I was a child made with leftover leg of lamb. Take any lamb curry recipe. Make the curry, add the cubed cooked leg of lamb. Simmer 30 minutes or so. Serve over rice with chutney. Keeps well in the fridge too.

        2. Lamb tacos. Slice the meat up, saute it to heat it up. Mix greek yogurt, lime or lemon juice, greek seasonings to taste, a bit of mint together and let it set while you prep the rest of dinner. Top tortillas (or flatbread, pita, etc) with yogurt mixture, meat, and a little bit of feta. I have also, for breakfast, been known to chop the lamb fine, mix with eggs & mint for something a kin to sausage scramble. Serve with hashbrowns and fruit. Enjoy!

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            Wow, I know what I'm making for dinner tonight!

          2. Wow thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to do the lamb curry and the lamb-tomato sauce. While the shepard's pie sounds like a fabulous idea, it is currently 90 degrees where I live and I can't even stand the thought of turning on the oven! :)