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Apr 6, 2010 10:41 AM

Anthony Bourdain in Maine

Anthony Bourdain in Maine will be broadcast on the Travel Channel on Monday, April 12 at 9:00 PM and again at 10:00 PM. The one line description said Portland, Rockland and more.

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  1. Maine episode should be at 10pm. Confirmed dining spots that I know of include J's Oyster Bar in Portland, Conte's and Primo in Rockland, and a bean supper up in Milo. Not sure of his other stops in Portland. Should be fun to watch....

    J's Oyster
    5 Portland Pier, Portland, ME 04101

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    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

      while only an hour show tony did miss a lot of great places. The best probably being Arrows or MC Cove in Ogunquit. The chefs are also James Beard award winners and the food is absolutlely incredible. Also some new places - Fiddleheads in Bangor is fantastic and true "local" flair. Laura and Mel (featured in the latest Downeast magazine) are awesome and make every guest welcome. Massimos in bangor on the otherhand is complete crap - everything oily as heck and nothing is substitutable on the menu - menu even states thast you basically cant change anything - if you dont like it too bad. Back to Portland - not checking out Fore Street or Flatbreads pizza was a mistake - a pizza place with all organic ingredients would have been a great "grab a piece of pie" place. Rivals Lombardis in NYC. The BBQ place in Monson (they have a resturant on the main street - not just a trailer in the woods) is unbelievable (expensive but good) and I am originally from the south. Overall a good episode - definitely had to watch the whole thing as it took the whole episode to improve.

    2. Well that was a painful episode to watch, even worse than I expected. Why did he have random "mainahs" talking between clips trying to sound as foolish as possible? It also made Portland look pretty bad. Is Dana Street that much of a ball of sunshine or did they edit it that way? Why on Earth would you be that glum knowing it would be aired to millions of people?

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      1. re: grittys457

        I was pretty disappointed about the episode in general. There seemed to be a rift or some awkward interactions between A.B. and D.Street. Dana Street looked miserable as he ate out of a sauce pan that A.B. said looked like watery spaghetti soup. Very strange. I have eaten at Street andCo. and enjoyed it very much. I have never seen A.B. critisize a restaurant on his show like that. Why didn't he go Bull Feeneys? Bull Feeney(John Ford for gods sake!) There is a lot of history to that building and establishment. It used to be the Old Seamans Club. What about Acadia???? Most beautiful place on the east coast. Period. I love to visit Maine....Rey Sleth...

        Bull Feeney's
        375 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

        1. re: rey sleth

 was pretty horrible. I thought Zach Zamboni was pretty cute and engaging, however. AB appears to have a bone to pick with Dana Street for some reason. It's funny that he was at the iconic Conte's right around the same time as the place was sold to Jimmy Fanning, new proprietor of The Pearl. Evidently, John Conte is moving his business to one of those doomed restaurant locations: the former Konscious Kitchen, or however the hell they spelled that awful place.

          1. re: Shooley

            Well, from what I hear Conte's is doing great at the new location; proving I guess if you have a following you can go anywhere. That together with the whole Bourdain show will probably make for the best summer he's ever seen! Go John Go!

        2. re: grittys457

          I was born and raised in midcoast Maine, and I'd say the overall feel of the show was a pretty accurate take on Maine in the winter (there's a reason the tourists aren't flocking here in January). Just because it isn't entirely flattering, doesn't mean it isn't realistic.

          Example: I started to take issue with the interstitial scene with the complaining heavily accented Mainer who clearly had a more pedestrian palate than the average Primo customer - that is, until I remembered my father saying almost the exact same thing. And, you know, that's one of the things that makes Maine great. Unlike many places, it still has a mix of people from a wide range of educational, socio-economic and gustatory levels.

        3. Come on, it wasn't that bad. Every show has to have some sort of angle...and this angle was to show the "rugged individualistic" nature of the Maine people. Sure, he could have shown a more sophisticated side...focused exclusively on restaurants like Fore Street, Primo, 555, White Barn Inn...etc...but that not the approach they took. I don't feel like they were malicious in their depiction of Mainers....we would all admit that the side shown in the episode is a VERY REAL side. No doubt about it. I liked the inserted interviews....reminded me alot of my own family. And I do think he was geniunely blown away by Primo (little surprise). He said in an interview later in the Bangor Daily News that Primo was the best restaurant north of NYC. That's pretty high praise. I think we'd be complaining no matter which approach they took for the episode. As for Street & Co.'s definitely not the first time he's not liked every dish at a restaurant. But D. Street sure did come across as an a**. Oh well, that's the way it goes....

          By the way, Koncious Kitchen wasn't that bad...great fish and chips....and the only place i know of in the entire state where I could get curry fries. Boy do I miss curry fries.

          Fore Street
          288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

          Street & Co
          33 Wharf St., Portland, ME 04101

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          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            I dunno, opening up with a couple of forest-dwellers saying the women of Maine are all "stocky, but have most of their teeth?"

            1. re: jackbauer

              I take it you don't know any Mainers who might say something dumb? I think we're being too sensitive.

              1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                I used to spend summer vacations in Maine and was very much looking forward to this episode, hoping for a bit of personal nostalgia. I found it disappointing on many levels but thought it improved as it progressed. During the first 15 minutes I was thinking worst N.R. ever but I started warming up to it over the second half.
                Often times these N.R.'s are judged based on how much desire they create in people to visit a particular location. I've been wanting to return to Maine almost 30 years and this episode made me feel less enthused about going there. There is a lot more to Maine than how if fails to live up to New York City standards.
                I did like that they seemed to be drinking local craft beer most of the time. It was a little hard to tell since the labels were usually turned away from the camera.

                1. re: californiabeerandpizza

                  I liked the episode, and it certainly made me want to visit Maine. I loved the scene at Conte's, though it's a shame that it is apparently now closed. I'd love to eat at place with super fresh seafood and a crazy hermit chef, it sounds both delicious and fun.

                  I'm glad that they didn't make look Maine overly cosmopolitan or like NYC. I'm sure there are places that share the atmosphere, but that isn't what I would be looking for if I went up there. I also like that they did the show in winter. After living in Florida for four years, I'm looking for somwhere cold and snowy to go on my next vacation. Eternal summer gets boring after a while.

                  1. re: TuteTibiImperes

                    I keep seeing this pop up in multiple posts...Conte's has not closed, only relocated:
                    148 Main Street,
                    Rockland, ME 04841

              2. re: jackbauer

                That didn't sound stupid to me. That's the "so dry you can't tell if they're joking" sense of humor that gets mentioned in the show. My husband and I cracked up when we heard it.

            2. I enjoyed it. It was nice seeing things around my state. I'm glad they showed a bean supper. I have tried to explain that experience to my friends in CA. The people of Maine are just friendly and down to earth. I can't remember the exact comment but they commented about there not being any beautiful women in Maine and I have to agree they are few and far between. We noticed that coming from CA. When we see a pretty/beautiful woman in Maine, we stop and stare. But you can't beat Maine for having such truly good people. I have to agree that Dana Street looked like an a...hole. He sure was not a good representation of a Mainer. That part was very uncomfortable and I would have cut that part from the show. He seemed to act more like a person from "away". The people in my part of Maine seem to feel that Portland is really just a northern part of Massachusetts and they don't generally go there. I really miss all the good food of CA and I wish more of the good quality restaurants like on the coast would move more into the interior of Maine. We really need better restaurants. I just don't know if the area could support the costs associated with them. Maybe they fear that also.

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              1. re: Buttercupmaine

                There are plenty of beautiful women in the Portland area. I should know, I've been married to 3 of them.

                1. re: Buttercupmaine

                  Buttercup, I agree with you Dana Street didn't represent himself well, for whatever reason, and if I'm not mistaken, he's not originally from Maine, so as far as I'm concerned he's not representing those of us who are "true Mainahs." I disagree with you re: pretty/beautiful women in Maine- I suppose it all depends on your perception of beauty. There are plenty of "us Mainahs" who don't think CA girls are all they're cracked up to be, either. ;)

                2. Funny to hear the mainahs hating the show. I thought it was fun, one of the better ones this season. And the seafood? OMG. I could've inhaled most of what was on display. Well, save for the soupy pasta dish '-)

                  Especially Primo looked fantastic. I'm afraid I'd never heard of this place before...