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Apr 6, 2010 10:03 AM

Barbecue Joint (Chapel Hill, NC) closed?

I went to drop by today to get some lunch, and they had a sign on the door from the sheriff indicating that it was padlocked and entering the building would be trespassing. Does anyone know anything more? It was so convenient to my house, and so good (with non-BBQ options for my wife) that I'll be disappointed if it's gone for good.

The Barbecue Joint
630 Weaver Dairy Rd Ste 101, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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  1. That doesn't sound too good ... I know they have been trying to move for quite awhile from their Weaver Dairy location to Village Plaza, but something tells me if this was just a move there would be a sign on the door, not a padlock ... money troubles, perhaps?

    Edited to add: I just tried to call them and the phone is still connected but no one picks up and there's no voicemail either.

    1. I only went once to the Q Joint. I heard good things about the sides and some of the items that were NOT bbq. That being said. It was empty when I was in there and maybe they just don't do a lunch crowd, but it seemed to be lauded by quite a few people and will be missed if they haven't transferred.

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        I just had dinner there Friday before last (March 26th) and the dining area was mostly full. The food was good as always and nothing seemed amiss with the staff. I meant to ask them if they were still making plans to move to Village Plaza, but I forgot. It would be disappointing if they closed for good.

      2. This happened a few years ago when there was an issue with taxes. They were only closed for a day or two. I'm hoping this is a similar deal since the phone still works. Hopefully they will be back up soon, they have the best pie and fried green tomatoes in town!

        1. I've also only been once, but thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and would be disappointed if the place closed. Maybe I need to get myself in there again soon if they're still open.

          1. Sadly, the Joint is out of business. This is from a reliable source (former employee).