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Apr 6, 2010 09:38 AM

Mother's Day options in Cincy?

Will be driving into Cincy for a day trip to be with DD (Univ of Cincy). Need brunch/lunch rec for late morning, not too far from campus and dinner rec (no geo restriction). Planning to spend the day in Eden Park if it's nice out or at Kenwood Mall if its raining. Brunch/lunch not as important as nice dinner, any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. A new place I would recommend for your brunch if the weather is nice is View, on Victory Parkway, just north of Eden Park. Their patio overlooks the Ohio River, and I think it's going to be one of the nicest outdoor tables in the city. The food and service on my one visit so far (during Restaurant Week) were a delight (my blog post: View's website ( seems to be still under development; for now, you may be able to get better info from their facebook page (!/V...).

    1. The Bonbonerie is just up the road from UC at 2030 Madison Rd. They're known for some of (if not THE) best desserts in the city. They just opened up a tea room, though it's not open on Sundays.

      If you go to the View report back. I'd like to go there myself (if I had any time).

      1. Honey in Northside, just down the hill and across I-75 from campus, is a good option for both brunch and dinner. Search the boards for lots of suggestions on where to eat in Cincinnati if time and budget are not constraints. Wherever you choose, get reservations soon. The restaurants in this town fill up on Mother's Day.