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Apr 6, 2010 08:48 AM

Mommy + Daddy's Night Out! Suggestions, please...

My husband and I are going out on an all-too-rare-these-days-DATE this Thursday. We're looking for something young-ish (like late 20 somethign or 30 somethings) to remind us of our cool lives pre-baby, reasonably affordable (like maximum $25 entrees, preferably in the teens, as we're already spending a mint on our babysitter for the night) and downtown. We thought East Village or Lower East Side might fit these criteria. I think most places in West Village might be more on the expensive side. Nothing in Tribeca, please, as we live + eat out there all the time.

We'd need a place that will either take a resie on short notice (it IS Tuesday already, isn't it?!) or won't have an obscene wait (or if it does, it must have a great bar to have a drink at).

Anything new in the areas that might fit the bill? Also -- any bars near the suggested resto where we could have a beer/wine/cocktail before/after?

Thanks in advance for all the great suggestions!

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    watch the sun go down from a sofa and drink a nice bottle of wine and eat the prixe fixe
    a jeans george fine establisment