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Apr 6, 2010 08:21 AM

Fresh Tuna off the boat

On April 10th and 11th the Ventura II (2) fishing vessel is will be at the Ventura Harbor selling freshly caught fish, primarily high grade tuna at I believe less than $5.00 a pound. The hours are Saturday 4/10 from 8am-4pm and Sunday 4/11 from 9am-4pm. The market will happen rain or shine. This is cash only. They clean and package the fish you buy. There have been no reports of any shortages so if you go on Sunday you should find plenty of fish to buy.

I discovered this from an article in the The Ventura Star. I am sorry that I can't find that article now. The article mentioned that folks can e-mail to get on the email list. They email you back when the boat comes into the docks ready to sell their catch.

A few more things....The variety of fish will probably change at times according to fishing conditions. The boat does not sell shellfish. Salmon are known to run in April so I am hoping they get salmon then.

If someone makes it out this weekend please post back some information.

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  1. Oh wow that sounds great! Too bad we've got company this week that would be a great place to get nice fresh fish. boo... Does anyone know if this happens often? I would love to try this one day.

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      I guess I wasn't clear in my post. This all depends on many conditions which vary widely. If they can find the fish, the fish that are available, etc. I understand that the operation is family owned so family matters will be a consideration as well. Lately they have been coming in with fish to sell once a month. You never know what will happen.

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        Any idea of the quantity that one is required to purchase? Are we talking 50 pounds or something more manageable?

    2. Do you know what type of tuna? Big eye? Yellowfin? Albacore? Blue Fin?

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      1. re: Ginger9

        In the email they don't mention what kinds of are available now. The original article mentioned blue fin but again that was months ago. Please email them for exact information . You do not have to buy large amounts. I am sorry I was not clear in my post.

      2. is this a commercial fishing boat or a sportfishing boat?

        do you know how they handle the fish after catching it? Are they just left out? Refrigerated salt water tank? Immediately bled out? flash frozen?

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        1. re: frank828

          Please email them for any other questions. If I knew more I would tell you. I was just passing on information.

        2. Thanks for the info! Hope I can make it out there this weekend.

          Here's an article about it from January:

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            I saw a different article and missed this one somehow. Thanks.

          2. Ahi Tuna we went to the boat 2 or 3 weeks ago and bought a whole tuna with 2 other
            people. The fish 96 lbs and was about $3.50 per lb. They charge you based on the whole
            fish and they will clean the fish at no charge and you lose about 1/2 the weight. So the
            actual cost is about $7.00 per lb. Smaller pieces are sold as is wahoo swordfish
            and albacore. This has become very popular so expect long lines. The quality is
            quite good but not top sushi grade. I have never seen salmon as I quess the tuna boat
            is not in the same waters. Check out web sites on how to select ahi tuna pieces good

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            1. re: smiling ed

              Salmon come in April only in these parts.