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Apr 6, 2010 08:18 AM

Thomason's BBQ @ Henderson, KY..............

Can someone give me an update on Thomason's. Is the BBQ nice. What is the facility like. I may be passing through soon. Thanks.

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  1. Thomason's is a small mom and pop operation. They have been written up in Gourmet and their bbq is favorite is the pork. It has a spicy vinegar dip. If you go make sure you order their baked beans too. The beans have bbq meat mixed in and they are wonderful. J & B at 48 Holloway St in Henderson is also good. Their sauce is more sweet & tomato based. Their sampler plate is my favorite and they make fresh daily a wonderful red skinned potato salad. Hope this helps. You can learn more information about Henderson at or call 1-800-648-3128.