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Apr 6, 2010 07:14 AM

Annoyed I Can't Eat at the Inlet a.k.a Where in Montauk for Wed and Thursday Dinners this week?


As much as I **love**coming out east in the early Spring, I am frustrated by the seasonality of the restaurants.

I know there is always O'Murphys. What else? We are fish people. Simple fresh fish. Some nice veggies are great too. Don't need anything fancy.

I will do ANYTHING to avoid the food at Gurney's. And Shagwong.

Help, please!

All things delish,

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  1. Mannucci's is an old local favorite, although they keep moving around. Right now they are at the Tipperary Inn, closed Weds but open for dinner Tuesday and Thursday. They have great local fish. You are wise to avoid both Gurneys and Shagwong, I'd rather starve.
    Also I'm pretty sure the Harvest is every night except Monday, give them a call.