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Apr 6, 2010 07:08 AM

Hot chocolate fondant/"lava cake"/souffle, etc. at Toronto cafe or restaurant

Hi all,

Looking for the city's best offerings for this sort of cake - I'm probably mixing terminology here, but you probably know what I mean - made-to-order, served hot, liquidy chocolate gushes from the middle. My search is twofold.

1) I want to find a place where one person can sit down and order this and a coffee, preferably around late afternoon, without feeling out of place. Patio/outdoor seating is a plus. Good coffee is a plus.

2) The cake itself should be "good" - as in, the liquidy part shouldn't be too sweet, shouldn't be too runny but also should be more than just a softer, spongier heart of the cake. Gooey is a good word for it. The outside part should definitely be crusty, but not so much that the cake is dried out. Obviously I'm not a pastry expert, but I'd like to find a really tasty and well-executed cake.

Any leads?

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  1. Terroni has a decent version of this. Patio should be open soon! IIRC, they outside isn't crusty, but the whole thing is smooth and chocolaty and not too sweet.

    1. I dont like chocolate, but the molton lava at opus is amazing.

      1. Ah yes, a souffle. Non-existent here perhaps? Either too old school, or maybe people just aren't up for the challenge. When I compare the best souffle I've ever had in NYC at La Grenouille, I would say Brian Semenuk's came damn close at the old Splendido.

        No "gooey" centre-should really be a light airy mousse when properly executed.

        Who can hit this in Toronto is the question indeed. Are they serving one at the Black Hoof or Hoof Cafe? Might be a nice option after all that heavy stuff...


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          The souffle is probably not what I actually mean, then - am really having a hankering for a gooey-centred cake I used to order with coffee at a cafe/restaurant with chairs and table spilling onto a square back in CH. While I don't anticipate being able to recreate the experience, I'd really love to find a good version of one of those cakes. I've had a few, none memorable enough to even say where, since coming back to N. America - often too sweet or somehow texturally unpleasant.

          1. re: c.cow

            What you're looking for is generally called molten chocolate cake. Lots of higher-end restaurants do it — Tomi-kro, the late Silver Spoon.

        2. That's my favorite dessert at Dessert Trends. I've had it at their restaurant with coffee, and also purchased it to serve at home. Yum.

          Dessert Trends
          154 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

          1. i dont know if this would be to far for you but nava restaurant and bar up in markham (in the complex of hwy 7 and east beaver creek, north side) has the best lava cake ive ever had.... definitely more of a 'bar' lounge place, but i sure in the afternoon the coffee and dessert wont hurt in the patio.

            perfect texture and chocolate oozing liquid with raspberry coulis and coconut ice cream mmmmmm so good