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Apr 6, 2010 07:05 AM

looking for suggestions for sunday night dinner in rome...

seems like many restaurants closed.....anyone know if some restaurants in the jewish ghetto are open on sunday nghts?


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  1. our search feature is your best friend on this - put in rome sunday night, use advanced search and chose relevance as main criteria.

    anyway here is one recent thread

    most of the restaurants in the ghetto are closed Sunday eve. I think Vecchia Roma is open but I dont know anything about it - not, I think the traditional Roman jewish cuisine.

    good luck!

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Vecchia Roma IS open Sunday evenings and many people love it. Giggetto is also open Sunday evenings, I believe. Not far away, and a lot better, is Il Sanlorenzo, an elegant fish restaurant. The relatively new kosher places may be open.

      1. re: mbfant

        the google maps feature says that Giggetto is open Mon-Sat.
        I cant penetrate its website on my browser - if the OP is interested they can send Giggetto and inquiry and ask if they are open.

        1. re: mbfant

          thank you i will check these out....

      2. La Campana, a traditional and good Roman trattoria, is open sundays...

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        1. a different suggestion but we were just there and went to 'bir e fud' in trastavere for pizza, fried yummy things - versions of rice balls - and beer and everything we had was great. a relief from all the wine and pasta.

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          1. re: redgirl

            Well, not everybody regards "all the wine and pasta" as a hardship, but pizza is always an option on Sunday evening.

            1. re: mbfant

              pizza, after a fine, home-cooked, mid-day meal is a fine way to walk off a few calories ... and add back a few more.

              1. re: steve h.

                For my upcoming trip to rome, I will only have four days of lunches and dinners, so to make Sunday really count, my plan is to go to Il Piperno for a huge lunch (they are open only for lunch on sunday, not dinner) and then hit the quintessential Da Buffetto pizzeria for dinner, and follow up with a huge serving of gelato.

                By the way someone else was talking about fried risotto balls- they are usually called Suppli (Soo-Plee) in Roman pizzerias, though can also be called aranacini (in rome this seems to mean they have meat in them when called the latter). One of my favorite things to eat in Rome! Especially good at take away pizza stands when they are piping hot and the cheese still gooey. Sigh.

                1. re: sarahbeths

                  You mean Baffetto, though how you think you'll be able to face a pizza after a "huge" lunch at Piperno is beyond me. Also, I refuse to wait in line for pizza and rude service and uncomfortable chairs, but that's just me and my memory of the last time I went to Baffetto, long ago.

                  Arancini are rice balls, often with meat and peas but I think not tomato (I almost never eat them so I tend to forget their exact composition). Supplì are similar but not the same. Supplì are always egg-shaped and made with tomato sauce, often containing a small amount of meat. Their principal characteristic is a piece of mozzarella buried deep inside. The point is not that the cheese is gooey but that it forms strings (much the same thing, I'll grant you). You bite the hot supplì and pull away the half that isn't in your mouth, but it remains attached to your mouth by the strings of molten cheese. This used to be thought to resemble a telephone cord, hence the full name of the dish, supplì al telefono. The word supplì is, somehow, related to French surprise, and the first time you bite one it is indeed surprising. The telephone part of the name has all but disappeared with the prevalence of cordless phones and all memory of it will soon be lost.

                  The best supplì I have ever eaten were at the restaurant Checcho er Carettiere. When I asked what made them so good, I was told they were made with the sugo from coda alla vaccinara and involtini. Try that at your pizza al taglio stand.

                  1. re: mbfant

                    Thanks mbfant for the details. I know what you mean about waiting in a long line for rude service, it just seems that so many people, including lots of hounds, seem to think baffetto is worth it. I just want one supremely awesome pizza while in Rome, and sunday night seems to be a good time since so much is closed. Is there a better pizzeria in your opinion? Open on sundays?

                    Your description of Suppli has me salivating!!

                    As for eating a huge lunch and then dinner later. Ummmm, I'm realllllly good at eating and I have a huge appetite. Especially in Italy! :)

                    1. re: sarahbeths

                      Baffetto is a worthy destination. I like to go very late Sunday night after I've had a chance for the mid-day meal to settle. It's a pizza joint with an out-size reputation. It's very good for what it does but don't expect a transcendent experience. Uncomfortable chairs? yeah. Rude service? only if you're sensitive to that stuff. Is the pizza worth it? yes. Going late at night helps to offset some of the negatives.

                      Give it a shot. Go with eyes wide open. It can be a fun place if you're in a forgiving mood. Sitting upstairs has its advantages. Modest suggestions: order two beers and two pizza margheritas as soon as you sit down (a jug of the house red is ok if you don't like beer); pay in cash. You'll figure out the rest as you go.

                      Here's a link to the menu:

                      1. re: steve h.

                        I know that there are Rome pizza threads but I am curious whether you have any alternative faves in the general area to recommend to Sarabeths in case she doesnt want to stand in line etc etc.

                        Im not enthusiastic enough about the really thin crust roman pizza to ever have undertaken a massiv e exploration of this.

                        1. re: jen kalb

                          Baffetto 2 in the Campo de' Fiori is my neighborhood pizza joint. Not fancy. It's open for lunch and dinner. The pizza is almost as good as the mother ship, falling just a little short. Prices are very modest.

                          1. re: jen kalb

                            Pizza in the style of Naples is my favorite. Pizza in the style of Rome is outstanding.

                            Although a native New Yorker, I'm not a big fan of New York pizza or the New York slice. Losing Anthony Mangieri to San Francisco was a serious blow.

                            Where do you go in Naples for good pizza? What makes it special to you?

                            1. re: steve h.

                              I like Neapolitan style pizza (the light , light dough is key since I am a breadlover). IThere are a ton of people who have posted reviews of all the Naples pizzerie., here and elsewhere the standard is very high - I think its pretty hard to get a bad pizza in Campania. We actually didnt have any pizza at all any during our visit last fall(!) since we usually had substantial (and wonderful) lunches, and my husband didnt want to go out again by the time we got home at hight. But I really liked Gino Sorbillo 32 Via dei Tribunali on our 2007 visit. as well as di matteo down the street. I am less of a purist than others - I liked the white pizzas even better than the margherita. etc. there and at di Matteo - the sausage and friarelli (broccoli raab) at Sorbillo, the speck (or maybe bresaola) and arugula at di Matteo were just perfect for me.(maybe we get sated with the plain tomato or tomato/mozz topping in Brooklyn, since we make a lot of meals out of foccaccia/mini pizzas, whatever from Coluccio and other Brooklyn places) heated up and topped with fresh mozzarella.

                              In Rome we went (in 2005) to a pizzeria which served Neapolitan style pies on Via San Giovanni Laterano, just up the street from the Colosseum. It was quite decent tho one fresh mozzarella pie wasort of wet in the middle (the people were from Naples and offered a few other items) If it is still there (it looks dubious from the street and all the waitstaff were bosnian or something) its not a bad place to stop in in that area.. Ive heard that there are other Neapolitan style places in Rome, like Da vittorio in Trastevere. Have you tried?

                              1. re: jen kalb

                                I'm a big fan of good pizza. Pizza in the style of Naples in Rome? Heretical. But I'm tempted. Thanks for your insight.

                                1. re: steve h.

                                  Update: Now I have reservations at Antico Arco on my Sunday night (July 4, I can pretend I'm an ex-pat living in Rome, ha!) and I've canned the Buffetto plan after reading a lot of similar blogs/reviews that it was overrated. Leaning towards Da Remo for pizza. Steve h, I would try Buffetto it if I had more time-- only 4 days and nights.

            2. We found al Bric to be an excellent choice for Sunday dinner, and not too far from the Ghetto just a few yards down from the Campo.

              1. anyone been to Babette? close to Spanish steps and open Sunday night