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Apr 6, 2010 06:50 AM

Merit Kebob (Merit Foods) 74th @ Roosevelt

After a lackluster gordita from the cart next to Sabor went over to this place. Wasn't too hungry but the charred red chicken wings in the front looked tasty. Order 2 for $2, the put em on a stick and dropped into the tandoor oven for a couple minutes. Was worried they'd be dry but came out scorching hot, a bit greasy and totally delicious. Anyone tried some of the other things in here? There's a tibetan dumpling stall in the back, and what looks like chinese food under the huge steam table next to the trays of Indian and Bangladeshi. Lotsa options, any recs?

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  1. which cart? to the left (el gallo giro) or the right (the one that sells the tamales)? also, CH's place function always puts Sabor as some restaurant in greenpoint, but you are talking about the Sabor Mexicano cart right? did you end up trying the suadero from there?

    as for merit kabob:

    personally, I usually go to kahari & grill or some of the other neighborhood joints but the place does look kinda good; some exciting looking meat curries. sometimes Kebab King has these crazy deep-fried tandoori-style wings but they are $1.50 each or possibly even more; I think they used to be cheaper and I got 'em once. they were pretty good.

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      Yeah, i didnt notice the autolink CH put up, I'll change that.

      Anyway this was for lunch, there were only 2 carts yesterday. Sabor didnt have gordita's, this was the cart to the right (North/East). The fried tortila was reheated on the grill and kinf of fell apart. It's wasn't bad but the tacos looked much better, though I had already walked away to eat in my car otherwise I might have gotten one. They had a pretty extensive list of meats on the menu.

      Thanks for the link above, I posted in that thread but didn't notice Merit. When I went yesterday I'd never seen it before, just walked in randomly. Later on my search in CH didn't yield that above result.