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Apr 6, 2010 06:41 AM

Hawaiian Food (but not Roys)?

I know the odds of finding this in Philly are astronomical, but does anyone know if there is anywhere that serves Hawaiian Food (like Helena's in Honolulu) in town? I don't mean Roy's "pacific rim" cuisine, but was looking for "plate lunch" style food like kahlua pig, lomi salmon, lau lau, poi, luau shrimp, and haupia.

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  1. I've never been, but I have heard that Bridget's in Amber has Hawaiian food. Not sure if it is what you are looking for though.

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      1. re: xtian

        It looks like Bridget's is closed... Thanks for trying though!

    1. Goodluck in finding a plate lunch in Philly. Only place your going to find a plate lunch is to make it yourself. I hear that there is an L&L in time square NYC but it's not the same. L&L is not the best place for ono kine grindz. Kahlua pig isn't hard to make at home, lomi lomi salmon is easy also, poi would be the hardest to obtain. But it can be done, just chance em...

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      1. re: 808eater

        We looked at is tough to make, never mind lau lau! Thanks for the tip and I guess another trip to Hawaii is warranted (if I could only afford it!)

        1. re: bluehensfan

          airfare is kind of high right now to fly to hawaii. Gas prices are high my friend told me about a deal for 395.00 he saw online, you had to travel before may though. Poi is too time consuming to make from scratch. Lau Lau can be done but that is a tedious task in itself too. Maybe I can open my own plate lunch place. I can make all that food.