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Apr 6, 2010 06:28 AM

Bellingham Ma, good to great sandwiches, Veggie friendly?

I will be in the Bellingham Ma area this coming Saturday visiting the N E Bonsai Nursery and would like some recs for a non chain, local type place, that has good/great sandwiches, salads, soups, breads, etc that is also Veggie friendly. Neither of us are actually vegetarians but we do enjoy veggie "type" sandwiches that are great tasting, and satisfying...We wouldnt mind traveling some either if there was nothing in that immediate area. thanks a lot!

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  1. I know exactly where you are going. I can't think of a place that meets what you are looking for. It is a bit of a culinary black hole. There are a lot of chain type places. I'm hoping someone else has some suggestions for you. If you find something, please post back. I'm often looking for places in that area.

    Edit to add.. This post mentions a few places in Franklin that might get closer to what you want: There is a post about Franklin Flatbread/Spruce Pond Creamery and another about Isabella's Groceria. I've only had the ice cream at Spruce Pond Creamery. I've never been to Isabella's.

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      The Flatbread place is probably a good bet. InContro is close also, and def a few cuts above FF in food & atmosphere.

    2. Thanks, i will check both of those places on line and if we get to one or the other or someplace else, i'll keep you posted!

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        We spent way too much time at the Bonsai garden, so we had to make a quick get away, ended up stopping At "Filhos Cucina" in Groton MA on our way back to NH. It was very good! i had the "Verdura" sauteed veggies, with cheese served on a ciabatta type bread, the OP had a salad plate, she couldnt make up her mind as to what she wanted so asked for a "spoon full" of this and that, it was a full plate with enough to take home as well. the salads were all freshly made, nice variety, we scoped out other peoples food on the way out, that all looked great as well. I would recommend "Filhos Cucina" Lots of salads, sandwiches, hot plates etc worth a stop if youre in the area, its on Main st Groton, ma.